Spic, wetback, beaner,

Border rat, pepper-belly, orange picker,

Names commonplace now

For Latinos and Hispanics,


Used to break,

Used to hurt,

Used to kill,

The orators:

Ignorance, Malice, Contempt

But most importantly


Fear of what is different,

Fear of what is great,

Fear of what has always been great,

For the sun shone for centuries

On the shores of enduring Tenochtitlan,

Against the backs of the condors,

That soared over mighty Cusco

And would set peacefully, on the steps

Of the temples of rugged Tikal,

Centuries before,

Intolerance sailed over

Imposing their views,

over a land that they’ll claim they found,

a pirate finding gold on Spanish ships,

a dog finding chicken on its owner's plate;


No, Empires,

Empires traversing hundreds of miles

Covering numerous terrains.

We come from empires.

We come from glory.

Perhaps a forgotten glory,

or rather, a buried glory;

Glory buried under years of slander, under years of close-mindedness

Buried under years of rumors, violence, misconceptions, appropriations,



It has been said that the buried are not forgotten,

So perhaps,

It’s time to unearth.

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 3rd Apr 2018 08:36

Ah the glory days as seen through rose-tinted spectacles. No amount of staring into the past to blame old adversaries will solve the issues of today. The world is as it is in the here and now and modern solutions are needed to solve modern problems. Many countries around the world have been free of their conquering empires for decades now. Perhaps it's time to move on and stop playing the blame game? The Aztecs and Mayans were fond of a bit of human sacrifice too - quite a lot if the evidence from recent archaeological excavations are to be believed. Interesting subject matter D.4. Thanks for posting. Colin.

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