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Spic, wetback, beaner,

Border rat, pepper-belly, orange picker,

Names commonplace now

For Latinos and Hispanics,


Used to break,

Used to hurt,

Used to kill,

The orators:

Ignorance, Malice, Contempt

But most importantly


Fear of what is different,

Fear of what is great,

Fear of what has always been great,

For the sun shone for centuries

On ...

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The White Van

We wake up before the Sun,

But thanking God for another day.

We get ready as a whole,

Exhausted but getting dressed.


We load up the van,

With mops, a scrubber and a buffer.

We load up the van,

So that we may not hunger.


We drive to our destination,

no vacations nor days off.

So that our children can continue their education,

Hoping that our hard work will...

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Wake Up/Despierta

I hear you,

I hear your snore.

I see you,

Sleeping without trouble at all.


But I am confused,

For you should be angry and awake.

La Bestia has slashed at you,

Calling you a thief and a rapist.


He is the dominant culture,

Thinking of ways to keep you down.

But we must think of our future,

And make it our own.


The clock is ticking,

The lines are ...

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