War Boys

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War Boys


We’re going to war boys,
we’re going to war,
Lord Kitchener asked us
so we formed a corps.
Joe and Jack from the factory,
Ted and Jim from the farm,
the recruiting sergeant assures us
that there’s little chance of harm.
We’re part of the great pals army
and we’ve fallen for his charm
as we march away to war.

We’re in the war boys,
we’re in the war,
we think we were lied to
but we’re not too sure.
Bullets are flying everywhere
some of them get quite near,
our cocky, jaunty demeanour
is now riddled through with fear.
Our pals are dying everywhere
and there’s no time to shed a tear
as we fight this blooming war.

We’re sick of the war boys,
we’re sick of the war,
we’ve had enough of it,
can’t take any more.
I’ve seen friends explode in pieces,
I’ve seen bone and guts and blood,
and everywhere we march
there’s this terrible fucking mud
and when a shell flies by you
you’re just praying it’s a dud.
We’re so sick of this war.

I’m home from war boys,
I’m home from war,
just me on my own, boys,
from a hundred and four.
They died like cattle in the field,
cut down by bayonet and shell,
sucked into the earth
like they were journeying to hell.
All my friends died horribly,
only I was left to tell
of the boys who went to war.

I’m still in the war boys,
I’m still in the war,
I talk to friends who
were with me before.
I see their muddy faces,
I hear their mournful boasts,
buried under Flanders fields
so they can’t desert their posts.
I’m no longer with the living
I’m just drifting with the ghosts
of the boys who went to war.

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Roy Chetham

Sat 28th Jun 2014 11:47

Not usually my type of thing this but I was drawn into it as it really is so good. Very powerful, very topical. I hope it gains wide circulation and recognition. I endorse everything the others have said so far.

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Dave Bradley

Fri 27th Jun 2014 07:02

A really striking well written poem, Ian. The terrible thing is there's so much truth in it. Never again!

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Martin Elder

Thu 26th Jun 2014 22:38

I like the way this is told as a story in such a lyrical way. Very Good Ian

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 26th Jun 2014 12:44

Powerful and well constructed anti-war lament
which would be well-suited to a sad tune.
With a perfectly wrought ending..."drifting with
the ghosts of the boys who went to war." - this is
one of the best of its kind I've read.

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