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Krati on Krati
11 hours ago

All I Need

All these years

I put too much into the hopes

Of finding someone who will give me all things I want,

All things I need


Give me music

Give me poetry

Give me love

Give me everything I need


But the voice inside keeps on,

No one can love you like you need

No one is all things true

No one out there is all for you

No one can be all you need


You give ...

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Folks Want

Because I think...

Folks want communication

Not figments of their imagination

Two dimensional, unfinished in creation

Draining their appreciation

Painful to their hearts implication

Bringing to what could be simple

Needless complication

Low level consternation

Endless perpetuation of some

Wordless penetration

Of what should be celebration


They want real tou...

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Empathetic Daydreamer

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what it's like to hear nothing but the sound of your own heart beat?

To see nothing but the world 

And feel the grass under your feet 

Do you ever wonder what it's like 

To walk around with your head held high 

Feeling nothing but happiness 

Fearing nothing and no one just looking to the sky 

Do you ever wonder how lucky you are to bre...

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Let Not Distraction Keep You!

Let not distraction keep you!


When The Drama of the perfume Fades

The Tossing Tousled hair parades

Settle in a lazy muse and the moon no longer lingers,


When the mystery seems tired as the night turns day,

The conversation feels hired as the wine wears away,


When reality strings together like a cellists’ tune,

Awaking your longing for a richer room

Be the see...

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A sharp inhalation of breath.  Mine.
There!  Did you hear the snap of a twig?
Wishing you are not on you own?  No, I’m fine.
Pressing on.  Carefully.  A small touch of fear
That thrilling nervousness.  Presaging excitement.
Is it possible someone is near?
I can’t see anything.  Only hear.
Where are the others?  I don’t want to know.
With their inane chatter banishing the magic
Of moments ...

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