The New Curriculum

It used to be murder at school

Evading terrorists lying in

Ambush at the tuck shop

Life or death battles with tapioca

Blistered fingers for smoking in the

Cycle shed

An army of Latin grammar at war with my head

Jimmy Jones smashing my best conkers

Miss Evans the Head's secretary

Scourging my hormones

Sadistic Algebra wanting blood

Above all dreading that fight with the

Cock of the school I

Knew I was going to lose, but

Bad as things were, we knew the enemy

We never had to

Hide from a killer

enemykillerlatinnew curriculumschool

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Abdul Ahmad

Fri 5th Jun 2020 12:47


Harks back to supposedly the best time of life _ school days. A subtle reference to coronavirus right at the end.

Enjoyed it.


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