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Eclipsing Karin’s Fracture




Eclipsing Karin’s Fracture

Fracture lines of frantic events. Pretty little German girl named Karin Ulbricht. Leipzig late 1989. Events so much bigger than just a mere pretty little lady. Daring to demonstrate for freedom. Do you know what you’re doing? Do you? Chasing a dream, not knowing what it is.


And know that you’re right, being in Leipzig, on THAT night. Voicing your opinion by your actions and words, you and your friends. Oh when I saw you on TV voicing your version of that night, I was caught in your rapture. I tried to find you and failed. My postcard with a Spitfire seaplane on, addressed to you in Dresden, remained unanswered. I wanted to hear your views and talk to you, a REAL Cold War warrior. A heroine of peace and freedom.

Dear Karin, do you know what would have happened if a single gunshot had destroyed the peace that night? What happened when you were all arrested and taken to the barracks in Leipzig, gals separated from guys? You could have all been murdered. Nazi and Stassi style. For what, peace, freedom and a belief in your heart?

On TV you looked heartbreakingly pretty. Tell me my dear warrior woman, what date were you interviewed? Are you still as pretty and brave and vulnerable? I daren't chase impossible silly dreams. Two awful World Wars, a Cold War and you Karin. Real history. Don’t you know, I’m part German?

Peace and freedom my friend.




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