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Curtain Call.

I only write when I'm sad
Cause I use my words to cope.
So what am I supposed to say
When I feel the slightest bit of hope?

Love poems and positive thoughts?
I've tried that but it's all been said
I start writing and all I can think about
Is the times I wanted a bullet in my head.

Pretty typical stanza coming from me
Everything I write is basically the same
Oh no, I broke down the fourth...

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curtain callGoodbyethank you

When life is but a dream

There exists a time
between sleeping and wake
when only the night owls stir
the street lights flicker to candle light
& nothing but absent thoughts whir.

Reality becomes but a stencil
as the dreamers direct their scape
the black bats cry a warning sound
2 minutes ‘til the curtain calls fate.

As all the possibles become truths -
between broken sparks that are woven together
lost begi...

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