When life is but a dream

There exists a time
between sleeping and wake
when only the night owls stir
the street lights flicker to candle light
& nothing but absent thoughts whir.

Reality becomes but a stencil
as the dreamers direct their scape
the black bats cry a warning sound
2 minutes ‘til the curtain calls fate.

As all the possibles become truths -
between broken sparks that are woven together
lost beginnings are found once more
and no mores become forever

The cast you see is untethered and free
the audience a sea
of light
there are no maybes could haves or cant’s
when dreamers pick their fights

This time is governed by hearts
All words are honest and fair
All hopes are destined, all wishes are true
& nothing is lost without care.   

There is a time
between sleeping and wake
when the dreamers live their dreams
this world is coloured, bedazzled, sketched  
no need to care for lines

There is a time
between sleeping and wake
that cures all disheartened fevers
There is a time, just this time when
all dreamers dreams are true in the beliefs of believers

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