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Just write

Reserve the explanation

No need for all to know

The roots of your creation


Save us self analysis

We wont think any more of it

That mind induced paralysis

Some may prefer less bullshit


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The friend that was



Ozzie (His favourite saying was 'Money talks, Bullshit walks)

My friend
Trapped twixt two worlds.
Cypriot Village life
East London.
Honest, open direct
Loud, profane.
F and Bs punctuated by
Random spitting of phlegm.

A gentleman
Not confident.
Nor educated
Not intelligent he says.
Speaks three languages
Generous to a fault
What you see is what you get.


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Just Being Real


I can say I love you, I won’t ever hurt you.

We will never grow apart, fall apart, I’ll never break your heart.

I can tell you I will give you the world and more.

I can sing your praises till my throat gets sore.

I can say everyday will be better than the one before.

I can make you believe I will never walk out the door.

I can talk a load of crap if that’s what you...

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