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keith jeffries on Post Diary Blues
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Stephen Gospage on Doctors
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i'll make my problem everyone's problem 

return the tally hos and swap them out for ventis

just to reap the extra 40c from the cashier

she doesn't hide her annoyance and i don't back down 

i don't feel bad 

the man outside asks for some money and i give him what's in my pockets and smoke with him 

what goes around comes around


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bad day

Sane × Insane

Why do you expect so much good in other people

Why do you pray so much under every steeple

How can you be ok to be disappointed all the time

And hurt yourself with so much hope inside

You’ll never learn your lesson if you try to be blind

To The bad side of people you try to hide

And let them inside your heart again

Is it a crime to let them cause you so much pain

To the poi...

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Desolation Alley

Desolation Alley


a weak light rises over the chimneys

the grass is the colour of piss

smog prises its fingers into bronchial lungs

a dog with three legs barrels down the street

curtains stained with inquisitive glances

stare out at the paperboy on a rusty bike

a cat crawls under a red Cortina parked on bricks

November exhales a grey breath on the windows




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Pills, pills, pills – that’s what I need ’cause I feel like shit,

it’s been one of those fuckin’ dull nowhere days

that go round in circles like a crippled ship.

Take a pill for my allergy, pop an acid to go on a trip

it’s an experiment in my head.

Feel a headache coming on so I grab some parries and a couple of E’s to feel happy.

Now an hour ...

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