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Strange Fruit

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Strange Fruit


“what is beautiful?”

asks Eliza

for she thinks

that she is not

because they tell her

she is not


“why are they hurtful?”

as if the outside

somehow sullies

what is inside

and insinuates the sour

to what is sweet


“why do they ridicule?”

the size the shape

the roughness of my skin

the growths

the fact my spine

Is out of...

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Funny Onion

This onion could make any

man, woman or child cry...

but not with malcontent maliciousness.

No, tears of joy and laughter

bellow like church bells or sumo gongs

from the eyes of his audience.


He is without arms or legs,

he's carried on stage

whilst carrying the audience

on his shoulders... if he had any.


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