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She'll Soon Come Back I'm Sure

She was angry when she left me

Clouds of sorrow furrowed her brow

I'm dizzy thinking where she's gone

Its not the same without her now


I'm a Texas boy I've had my fun

Belle had a heart that was pure

That kindled mercy for my lapses

She'll soon come back I'm sure


But was she holy as she seemed?

I should have treated her better

Maybe she'll ring some evening


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BelleTexaspure heartlapsessolacemercy

Texas Tornadoes and the Power of Prayer

Oh, Good Lord, y’all, I thank we better git in the house. That sky is darker than Brother Jimmy’s sermon last Sunday, and it’s flashing like a God-damned disco. It’s gonna be a gully washer, all right, but Ronnie’s got the big truck if we git in any trouble, and we can surely trust Jesus will be with us. The last time we had a toad strangler like this, a big ol’ twister turned Alma’s roof inta too...

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Life, Love, and Leaving in Livingston, Texas

In a previous century my grandfather died

Only weeks after my great uncle.

A few weeks later, my grandmother

Made a quick trip to the grocery store

And returned to find her house in flames.


Having lost her brother, husband, and home

In a matter of weeks, my uncle Skeet

(so known because as a child he was

No bigger than a mosquito or “skeeter")

Tried to comfort his s...

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Lonnie's First Christmas Pudding

Okay,  listen up, y’all.

I spent Christmas in England,

And this is what I saw.

They got something called a Christmas Pudding

I don’t know why--it ain’t got no pudding in it at all.

It’s just a big fruity mess

Rotting in fat and alcohol.

First they take dried fruit, sugar, and peelings,

Mix it with some flour, spices, eggs, and brandy,

Add some stuff I can’t remember,


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christmaspuddingTexasalcoholChristmas pudding

She Wears Pink

She Wears Pink


she wears pink

to brighten his day

and the November sun

shines off the black

of the bonnet

of the car

that they share

down Elm Street

into Dealey Plaza

into the bright

Dallas daylight

with their backs

to the red brick

book depository

he waves to

children nuns

preachers cowboys

cons and killers


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JFKkennedy assisinationjacqueline kennedydallastexasUS presidentnovember 22 1963

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