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Midnight City

Now the calm of new fallen snow

lies in silent peace and stillness,

gently covering the loneliness

of midnight city streets.


As I walk, I cannot help but wonder.


How can it be so unaware

of where it present lies?

Has it not seen the desolation?

Has it not heard the cries?


Perhaps it doesn’t know the tales,

lying there on unkept ground

on the brok...

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god's lovemercygod's mercy


The stars that fill the midnight sky,

or single grains of sand

cannot compare to all his works

too vast to understand.


What number counts the drops of rain

that make the oceans wide?

How many hours and days and years

fill up eternal life?


How far the furthest star lies from

the meager grasp of man?

How far across this universe

hath he stretched fo...

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mercygracelovegod's lovegod's mercy

She'll Soon Come Back I'm Sure

She was angry when she left me

Clouds of sorrow furrowed her brow

I'm dizzy thinking where she's gone

Its not the same without her now


I'm a Texas boy I've had my fun

Belle had a heart that was pure

That kindled mercy for my lapses

She'll soon come back I'm sure


But was she holy as she seemed?

I should have treated her better

Maybe she'll ring some evening


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BelleTexaspure heartlapsessolacemercy

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