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She Wears Pink

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She Wears Pink


she wears pink

to brighten his day

and the November sun

shines off the black

of the bonnet

of the car

that they share

down Elm Street

into Dealey Plaza

into the bright

Dallas daylight

with their backs

to the red brick

book depository

he waves to

children nuns

preachers cowboys

cons and killers

until with a

crack crack crack

three bullets

singe the crisp air


until two find

their target

blood and brains

splattered over

her pink dress

that she only wore

to brighten his day

and now he’s dead

beside her

and a nation

with no gun control

cries and mourns

the catholic


who could have

should have

would have

been their


JFKkennedy assisinationjacqueline kennedydallastexasUS presidentnovember 22 1963

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winston plowes

Mon 16th Sep 2013 19:27

Liked the vividness of this Ian, a sad occasion well recorded in your words. Win

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 21st Aug 2013 15:26

Terse. crisp and effective. The use of Jackie K's bright life-affirming outfit is perfectly chosen as the counterpoint to her famous husband's shocking murder. This was the event that, for many across the world, defined their youthful angst...a dream of a bright new world snatched from them for all that world to see. Back and to the side...back and to the side...that simple law of physics blew away the usual conscience-salver of American politics - the lone nut killer. The extraordinary list of those with something to say who died in the weeks and months that followed in a variety of circumstances that have been described in betting terms as many millions to one only underlines the planning and determination behind this most infamous of political killings.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 21st Aug 2013 09:41

Nicely done Ian. The tension wrought by the short snappy lines is very good, as is the wrapping of the poem within the frame of the pink dress. The rhythm is also nice and tight. The lack of punctuation and capital letters is effective to give a sparse, spare feel to it - like an almost shocked reaction.

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John Coopey

Tue 20th Aug 2013 20:23

Fine poem, Ian.
Very vivid.
I'm not so sure about the "saviour" bit.
I've seen a lot of them!

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