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My New Pet

Today I caught a glimpse of my new pet

Although officially we have not met yet

It really is quite small

The weasel in my wall

Never shall we meet, I should place a bet

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Never cast a clout

The saying goes, never cast a clout

until the last day of May is out

May has now gone

every day the sun shone

June brings cold rain, ending May's drought


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My left hip

Why does it hurt so much? my left hip

Lately it has given me a lot of jip

Sometimes I groan

And let out a moan

The hospital, I fear, will be my next trip

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Short Funny Poems

I Potted A Long Red

I Potted A Long Red

I potted a long red and gave out a scream,

as it was the best shot that I'd ever seen.

Still needing 8 snookers, I thought this could mean

the start of a comeback. The best that there's been!

I needed to focus and not start to dream,

as my best ever break was only sixteen!

I potted the black and gave out a scream

as I'd aimed for the green in the wo...

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REM's Premonition

The letter ‘E’ fell off the sign at the Globe Inn
striking the landlord and making him sick.
He will recover, but the pub is soon shutting.
It’s the end of the world as we know it!




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