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The Diary Of The Coloured

entry picture

Another innocent black soul taken,

Hunted and slaughtered like a pig for bacon.

Many still skeptical of: “why black lives matter?”

As if racial profiling isn't more frequent for those blacker.

Unarmed and running when he met his fate,

Denied the chance of the potential to be great.


A mother without her son because he was ripped from this world,

Ruminating on the good time...

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Ahmaud ArberyAmericaGeorgiahate crimeinjusticeprejudiceracial violenceRIP


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A faker, a forger, a liar was he

Making my religion, look a mockery

I saw through him in an instant

It was blatantly obvious to see


The truth in plain sight, who was this man Kreed  

This deceivers lies, all his followers believed

The self-deluded imposter, keep many a fan fooled

Even after his fame waned, and his popularity cooled



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Anagram.Kreed KaferPoRIPSham artist

The Master - for Carlos Ezquerra, 1947-2018

entry picture

His hand and eyes he lent to us

For almost five and forty years,

He gave us childhood, hope and truth

And visions of our darkest fears


Exotic heroes, distant times

And swirling planets far away -

He coloured thoughts and drew our dreams

And showed to us another day


He honed his subtle craft like steel

Eschewing easy, common things

And shaped through art our ...

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carlos ezquerradeadjohn keaneJudge DreddripStrontium Dog

Dark Tower

entry picture

Dark Tower


Like something from a gothic horror

This is not the way it’s meant to be

Pain and hurt crumbling from unsafe structures

And falling on the governments neglect

Because they’re poor

Because they’re vulnerable

Because they’re ‘not like us’


Souls lost to the flames

That crawled over short cuts

Or worse – over incompetence

Licked around the money ma...

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failingsGrenfell TowerneglectRIPtragedy

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