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A King
Is the ruler of man
A King
Is admired protector
A King
Is wise in his decisions
A King
Sits on a thrown placed there by God
A King
A King

What is a King?

It is not children
Arguing over a legacy

It is not greed
A down payment on history

It is not a family name
A generation brings it to shame

It is not selling tickets
To a path paved by dog bite...

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Martin Luther KingPoetry 2016King


My muse found me today
She walked out from the April showers
Through the rainbow haze

She heard the prayer of this lonely one
She came back for a touch of happiness and love
She brought me many more words to use
She said you know what to do

Save your prayer-filled words for Christopher
Bring him peace when he wakes from his sleep

He had so much to say
But he sang it anyway

With ...

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Poetry 2016PRINCE


In this cycle of life, I look to see a land

Where peace, love, and purity was created by God's hands
The smell of tamarind, incense and many other things fill the air
I don't care just happy to be here

The bull goes where ever, the dog sleeps in the middle of the street.
A family of five balance on a motorcycle defying gravity
The blind *guru listens to the clink of a coin.
*Aap ke lie ...

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IndiaPoetry 2016


A runaway from the southeast

Fought through the storms of family

Chasing after love was all she could see


Growing up under government hand

Every time creating unconditional love

Think she found the right man


I was a friend and, in my mind, a lover.

But a gallon of milk was all she needed from me.

What I wanted to be could I never be


Don’t hide behind the d...

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Poetry 2016PrinceAndrea Lee


She got a hand for every one of her virtues
Showing goals a path for the soul
There is nothing she can do

A goddess with a wealth of spiritual beauty
The moon will dance for her

Golden completion the lotus blooms for her
Not obsessed with what she gives or what she gets
Everyone loves her children are named after her

She gives good luck with ever touch
Wisdom and p...

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Poetry 2016LakshmiIndiaGoddesshindu culture


She was 19 and alone

No place to call her own

Two packed bags was all she called home


Her innocence taken from her long ago

All she is left with is a head full of dreams

She became an adult before she became a teen


Now she is chasing after Paper Love

For thirty minutes maybe more

Just knock on the door


She got her own room

She controls the mood

She w...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMoneyprostitution


Mary came from the south part of town
She had a secret about many of the guys around
Never had a true friend every one tries to tear her down
Walking downtown is all she knows
Given paper love, she has the control
What she wanted was love that was good for the soul

Mary Soul
You have a friend
He doesn't care where you walk or stroll
He loves you for your soul

Mary had dreams
But did...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMary MagdaleneWomen



But still alive

Hear the jive

Still making every one high



Still have pride

Just found a new life

Still got that style



Another try

To get what you like

Slave to the mic

All you’re going to do is write 

Still got your fight

Got more new power

On your side



All funk to one side

Just your style

No name for you


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Poetry 2016Prince


Mr. Mac

Had slant in his smile

He walked with style

Find a penny and he'd pick it up

Take a vision to reality is what he loved


Mr. Mac

With the passion of an eagle

The focus of a turtle 

God shows him past all the hurdles

It made troubles seem so little


Mr. Mac

Took a boy from the street

Shown him what he could be

Changing him into a man

Shown hi...

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MacArther AndersonBishop AndersonPoetry 2016PCG


Get back to who you are
When you could barely reach the keys
But when you did the music was so sweet

Uncover who you really are
You're more than just a star
You are the sun and the universe move for you

You got to be a Princess before you become a Queen
So be that Princess you're meant to be
And just sing for everybody

Uncover who you really are
Show that true beauty that no one se...

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Poetry 2016PrinceAlicia KeysMakeupWomen


It has been too many days since I heard from you girl
Too many days since the scent of you filled the room

Photos of you and me on the shelf they just show the passing of time
Still dreaming of you and what life would be like
You're always on my mind

It has been 21 days since I saw you girl
21 days since we made regrets
21 days and I still have not forgotten you yet

In this lonely ro...

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Poetry 2016PRINCELovePain

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