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In this cycle of life, I look to see a land

Where peace, love, and purity was created by God's hands
The smell of tamarind, incense and many other things fill the air
I don't care just happy to be here

The bull goes where ever, the dog sleeps in the middle of the street.
A family of five balance on a motorcycle defying gravity
The blind *guru listens to the clink of a coin.
*Aap ke lie gud karma, he would say

In this cycle of life, I hope to find me.
This soul comes home to find it's reality.
To hear the words brings life new meaning.

In the doorway, two *Lakshmi wait to greet me.
One with her many hands of protection and prosperity
The other holding a plate of *sabzi and *chapattis
It is like a king's feast after a long journey.

In this cycle of life, I return to land.
To the place where the deities stand 
Under the trash and dust of the streets
Is mother India the origins of peace, love, and purity 

On the cab's dash sits *Ganesh looking at me.
To make sure my journey is obstacle-free
Heading up the mountain on *Abu road a troop of *bandaras
Sit on the hood of a car waiting for their next meal.

In the schoolyard
Children play *Kho, Khoand *poshum pa
It makes me think of simpler days
Wishing I was still a child today
India is my long lost family


©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2016

IndiaPoetry 2016




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Shifa Maqba

Fri 24th Jul 2020 12:08

As someone who resides in India, I greatly appreciate your dreamlike description of the country.

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John Coopey

Fri 24th Jul 2020 08:53

Very pictorial. Thomas.
I see that you posted several poems just now. You’ll notice that only this one appears. Whenever you post a poem it removes your previous one from the blog. It remains on your own blog but not the common one.

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