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Leaving Home

For this week's Saturday Rhymers theme: Leaving Home.


When I go back and stay at my Dad’s place,

It’s great, but it’s no longer home.


I struggle to get my own kids off to sleep

In the room that I once called my own.


They watch cartoons, just as I did

Two sofas, three tellys ago.


So much is the same, yet so much has changed,

Though I try hard to not let i...

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Waiting to Leave Home

entry picture

As they waited

his eyes surveyed the room

at all the things she'd amassed,

so recently risk assessed.


She'd become a virtual prisoner

in the house she'd strived to own.

The house she'd made a home

was now a source of danger for her.


As he wheeled her out the door

she asked how soon she'd be back.

Couple of weeks he lied.

He felt his stomach churn.

He k...

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Leaving HomeSaturday Rhymers Club

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