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Grenfell Tower



Something stinks about this sacrificial affair  

This burning stench still will not disappear

It is not just the tower, incinerated that day

Hundreds paying homage to Ramadan prayed


Many Muslims died in that pyre of a fire

Some told exact numbers, best not to enquire

On their holiest month, as Muslims gathered

The worlds media lied and continually blather...

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Stay Put

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I have a fear of fire.

I have a fear of height.

I have a fear of being trapped alone

On my life's very last night.


I have a fear of towers.

I fear the way they sway.

The way the wind's wicked whispers

whistle past with far too much to say.


I fear some in high places.

I fear they do not care.

I fear they lack compassion

I can smell it in the air.


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