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Disambiguate Entropy

Is it the inversive originating law of nature?

Or is this is a man-made alteration,

That in which our fascination we developed,

As if persons were walking around the confused universe,

Or that was the reason that the world was created,

Because of that, it has now been made to become explosive,

And all of that elusion wants to go away now towards unending disharmony,

That all-w...

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#entropy #sparklaw #zeeman

3 Idiots

There is a tale of 3 idiots that flourished in a city,

Nobody of them became famous was their pity,

Many wanderers came and came many magicians,

Neither of them was able to carve their creations,

Lest they became grief-stricken and more edgy,

For the most of time their sadness turned cagy,

Had there been any kind of charmed glare of hope,

Because then only these days have gone...

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#artistindia@artistindia#freewriting #poetry#poetry

Heart Pains

I Need To Give A ….


Fire to wish and,

Fire to grow,

Fire to take and,

Fire to throw,

Fire to every bird flying and,

Fire to sparrow,

Fire to wide enchants,

Fire to words narrow,

Fire to speaking emptiness,

Fire to silent hollow,

Fire to every joy,

Fire to void sorrow,

Fire to build my nation,

Fire to after grow,

Fire in every deed today and,


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Your hiding ahead of me is a speaking disguise,

What stays in mind of me is your soothing voice.


I doubt about other people about their advice,

They seldom know my heart somehow my price,

All I need is a entertaining simile of your enterprise,

What stays in mind of me is your soothing voice.


You are a great personality front of me at arise,

Jumbling your words that c...

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#artistindia@artistindia#freewriting #poetry#poetry


The more you twinkle, the more is glare,

The more is your envy, the more is flare,

The more is love, the more is care,

Many people globed, but rest are here,

Enjoyment is hobby, not everyone’s but their,

Many candidatures, but one is chair,

Belief is immortal, till death to dare,

God is everywhere, kindly be aware,

Architecture spreads wings, when united engineer,


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