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Late Night Thoughts

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Late Night  Thoughts


1: „You know the feeling you get

When you just lay in your bed

Stare at your ceiling

Thinking bout life and its meaning

Realizing that nothing will last

Future, Present and Past

None of them matters

Cause nothings forever”


2: “So if life doesn’t matter

Then death doesn´t matter”


1: “yeah but guess what´s better?”


2:”Mhh… ...

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Open heart gift

I like to show that I'm trying, I give you the proof so you know I'm not lying, you've had it bad before, leaving your heart slightly torn, I'll put on my nurse uniform and cure you like no ones done before

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Feel goodromancetogether

Blessed are we

Blessed are we

As the morning night, does turn to grey, We see the coming of the breaking day
Birds will sing their morning cries, to welcome back the morning skies
Fluttering their wings up in the trees , enjoying the touch of the morning breeze
Clouds will drift and float away, bringing the promise of a beautiful day
Creatures that moved throughout the night, disappeared, now out of sight

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Feel good

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