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Grandad's Christmas Reverie

He thought

All I want is here

the tree that reaches the ceiling:

with the decorations the boy had helped hang

and the lights he could reach

to pull off

He thought

I hope they like my gifts

the presents beneath the low branches:

with the labels that the girls had turned over

and peeped at to see

which was theirs

He thought

I am alone with Christmas

the many...

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Twelfth Night

entry picture

Twelfth Night


Pining with your sisters

in every other garden.

Laying used and violated

next to the shed.


Tinsel traces

like expensive jewellery

draped from your

denuded, coat-hanger, limbs.


Ribs of dry twigs

poke from your green dress.

Ripped and torn

by seasons greetings.


Where once your heart

beat fast and true


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