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December Collage Poem: Waves

entry picture

Swansea waves words at passing poets


The twenty-fifth day is long and in others souls,

A week later we enter the next chapter with

New raging goals.


Kissing capitalism's ass and not mine

Highway traffic moves in waves,

Or should that be it crawls like a crab


Marrying a woman from East Texas

She cooked Christmas pudding for dinner each night

In peanut and r...

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December Collage Poem: Disappointment - Part 2

entry picture

Crossing over reflections

Mirroring his own life


Life is disappointing; but love is always

beautiful, even across dreary railway tracks

kniving through his childhood


Hair kissed under Homeric stars

Whatever the weather.


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Decemeber Morning

entry picture

December morning awakens for another day
As the snows begin to fall down from the heavens
And you’re standing there in the cold
Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

I don’t mind the deep white snow
Because it covers up my insecurities
Hides my human frailties
And freezes away my fears.

Yet, I can’t help but feel a certain warmth when I’m around you.
A type of warmth that helps let’s go of ...

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Twelfth Night

entry picture

Twelfth Night


Pining with your sisters

in every other garden.

Laying used and violated

next to the shed.


Tinsel traces

like expensive jewellery

draped from your

denuded, coat-hanger, limbs.


Ribs of dry twigs

poke from your green dress.

Ripped and torn

by seasons greetings.


Where once your heart

beat fast and true


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