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Books, Music & Poetry

I love being surrounded 

by books, music and poetry. 

Each one comforts me, 

helps me escape too much reality, 

shows me an alternate destiny,

full of adventure, passion,

rhythm and rhyme.


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Mambo Moment

We interrupt our program 
to bring this important 

Amid the chaos and confusion,
be on the lookout for a  
a mambo moment, 

where you suddenly break 
into song and dance, 
forget your cares, 
live in the moment, 
feel the rhythm of life. 

A mambo moment often appears 
out of nowhere, at the most 
unexpected time.

Those around may think
you lost your mind,
but the...

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Beautiful Dreams

I wish for a soulful voice,

a proud father,

reconciled love. 

In absence of these things, 

I do not despair, 

because I have the music,

that makes my unfulfilled wishes,

beautiful dreams. 


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Smiles, flowers, rainbows.

Dried tears. 

Your ghost is here,

alleviating fears. 

A good day, 

crushing brimstone, 

in this wild, 

parallel life. 



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Two in the Morning

Profound sadness 

clouds my view 

at a quarter til two. 

I don’t understand why 

my muse avoids me like the flu, 

when a simple poem or song will do. 

Wise words to help me understand

why true love passed me by

in this lifetime.

Why wrong choices,

that felt right at the time,

left me alone in this abyss

where my better self

silently bears witness

to my shr...

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Your words are a

breath of fresh air.

It warms my heart

to see you at the

pantheon of passion,

creating a lyrical legacy,

writing love letters

across the sky,

of a beautiful dream. 



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Blues Cafe

Let’s slip away

to the Blues Cafe, 

that secret place, 

in the smoky dive, 

of your mind, 

where steel strings 

scratch your spine 

like manicured fingernails,

after midnight. 



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The One

People haven’t always 

been there for me, 

but the muse always has. 


Lighting my path, 

healing heartbreak, 

the one making life fun. 


Makes sure suffering is not in vain, 

dances with me in the rain, 

stays beside me come what may. 


I return the favor by making

my muse’s words known. 

Spreading love as we go. 



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Ever Green

Your soul song is addictive, 
makes love evergreen. 

Peace flows through my veins,
amidst a world gone mad. 

Play on, in the misty starlight 
of my mind. 


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Soul Songs

Your poetic words 

bring comfort

my mind

cannot comprehend. 

Floating in the

healing waters

of your soul, 

is my favorite pastime. 

Two stars colliding,

creating a kaleidoscope 

of time. 

In the space 

of your song, 

life is sublime. 


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One Love

Worries dissolve

with each drum beat,

guitar strum,

heartfelt harmony. 

From floating, 

on a river of dreams,

to cosmic flight, 

weaving a cocoon of peace.

One love.



Hope springs eternal,

in your soul song. 


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May peace be with you,

the whole day through.


May aches and pains

sail away with the blues.


May sunrise open your eyes, 

experience make you wise.


May your soul find its way home

on the wings of love. 



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Music Makers

I will miss music most,
when I leave this life. 

Yes, I will miss family,
friends, spirit guides.

But words, set to melody,
is champagne for my soul. 

Vibrating space 
between the lines

diminishes strife, 
makes me high on life. 

It's a magic carpet ride
to the other side,

where angels annoint wounds,
dreams circle the moon.

Long live music makers,
I love you!


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Star Crossed Poets

“All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme.” ~ Mark Knopfler


Sing to me 

one more time. 


Share the gift 

of your romantic 



You have the power 

to light up the night

with a flick of your pen. 


Show us where 

madness stops 

and love begins.



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entry picture

I may forget where I put my keys. 

I may forget my phone.

I may forget what day it is.

I may forget my way home.


I will never forget sunsets over the ocean.

I will never forget blessings from above.

I will never forget soothing melodies.

I will never forget the love.




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Creativity Costs

You are enough. 

Insecurity or 

grandiose confidence 

isn’t necessary. 

Doubt, distraction, 

procrastination, fear, 

impostor syndrome,

borderline lunacy... 

are costs of the 

creative process.

Keep creating 

through it all.

But, then again,

what do I know.


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Luminescent Humanity

Every tragedy leaves behind 

a trail of tears and

luminescent humanity. 


Rona is here to teach us 

life is fleeting. 

Live in the moment, 

don’t wallow in misery. 


Celebrate the little things,

smiles, high fives, sunny days...


Dance, sing, be free,

alone in your room, 

on rooftops, balconies, 

wherever your spirit leads.



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Tuning In

Can you hear me
on this crowded 

Is the earth turning
to quicksand
beneath your feet?

Let poetic music 
drown the chaos,
set your spirit free.

No more worries. 
Only peace, 
love, harmony...


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Artists & Critics

She doesn’t sing to win awards,

she sings to breathe life to her soul,

connect with spirits tuning in,

let them know they are not forgotten. 


She knows she will have critics

that judge her art lacking. 

Their negativity is nothing she hasn’t

overcome from herself a million times

on her rocky road to freedom.


She smiles as the ivory tickles her left palm,


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A Poet's Prayer

Lord, thank you 
for this gift 
of expression 
through words. 

Please help me 
bless others 
with the poems 
I share. 

Help me write 
from a place 
of compassion 
rather than ego. 

Let your 
light shine 
through my 
life songs. 

Help me project 
the same 
unconditional love 
you give me. 



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Brick Roads

Ten years old,

gigging frogs,

avoiding horny toads. 


Then a teen,

in search of the wizard,

playing pinball, drinking, smoking. 


On to adulthood,

pushing back when anyone 

crossed the line. 



doing time

with this karma of mine.


Traveling brick roads

that lead to

nowhere particular. 


But, as long as there is 

music and poe...

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Lonely Girl

Some days there is not enough

chocolate or booze 

to chase away the blues 

or stop torrential thoughts of love 

gone too soon. 

What's a lonely girl to do.



The only thing that eases the pain 

is music from silent words 

thought to be penned in vain. 




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Dear John

Dear John,

Thank you for remembering 

the forgotten ones,

for seeing beauty within. 

You are a hero 

to lovers among men,

a poet’s poet, 

the razor’s edge...

Long may you live. 



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God Rays

Staring too long into the looking glass,

trying to predict the future and

make sense of the past.

Time goes by lightning fast. 

Poetry sets the cast.

Call it dreaming...

cloud surfing,

cartwheels on high wires,

living, laughing, loving

singing, no regrets.

Drink every drop of life,

before God rays 

absorb the wake

and your soul sails

into moonlight.

# #...

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Don’t give in to the madness.

Save it for another day, 

long after you’ve left this life 

that’s full of opportunities.

Life is like the weather.

All you have to do is wait

for the rain to go away, 

the storm to pass,

and enjoy the sunshine

in between. 



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Go Fish

Look at you go girl.

Swimming in our veins,

straight to the soul. 

No sweet lullabies 

or sugar-coated lies.

Wielding words of a survivor, 

who has been around the block a time or two. 

No one is getting anything over on you. 

You have mastered

the blues, 

turned pain into power,

helping us forget 

our worries by the hour.

Go Fish!

Making dreams

more th...

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Good Days

God bless the good days.
Days a smile is no stranger to your face. 
Days your favorite songs play, and you sing along. 
Days faith is restored in humanity. 
Days sunshine and fresh air makes life seem fair.
Days you feel the gentle touch of love. 

Good days will see you through tough days, 
down days,
diseased days,
bitter days that never seem to end, 
days you have no friends, 
days ...

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My Pied Piper

I drink of you often
in my day dreams
about night things.
When I'm lost and alone,
you soothe my soul
with your sweet melody
that dances on the wind
and carries me 
to a faraway place
where love never ends.

# # #


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Poetry Understands

entry picture

Poetry understands
walking dead,
monsters under the bed,
voices in your head.

Poetry understands
wounded souls,
storms, walls, 
severed rainbows.

Poetry understands
broken hearts,
rainy days, lonely nights,
moon light.

Poetry understands
star-crossed love,
hopeless romances,
second chances.

Poetry understands
twin flames
guilt, shame,
the blame game.

Poetry understand...

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entry picture

One of my favorite games 
to play as a child 
was seeing shapes 
in the clouds: 

Dogs, cats, 
elephants, giraffes, 
airplanes, unicorns... 

It was one of the 
few pleasures 
of my childhood. 

As I grew up, 
I began to see 
scarier things:
Dragons, demons, 
torn hearts,
flaming arrows... 

Now in the archway 
of my golden years, 
I see beauty that 
brings me to tears:


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entry picture

Publish your poems,

your stories,

your soul songs.

A world of lonely people

are waiting for you

with open arms. 


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