Creativity Costs

You are enough. 

Insecurity or 

grandiose confidence 

isn’t necessary. 

Doubt, distraction, 

procrastination, fear, 

impostor syndrome,

borderline lunacy... 

are costs of the 

creative process.

Keep creating 

through it all.

But, then again,

what do I know.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 10th Feb 2021 17:33

This poem is enough!
wait, wait, this poem is not enough !
I want more (of your poems)!
But luckily, there's plenty more in your blog (which I am reading)

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Michael Triandam

Thu 30th Apr 2020 21:09

The twist at the end made me laugh! Being a high school teacher often I want to say after each lesson...never mind, just think what you want to think.
Also, there is a driven quality to most artists that you captured well. My uncle is a screenwriter in LA and his mood depends entirely on how well the work is going.
Cool poem!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 22nd Apr 2020 15:45


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