Good Days

God bless the good days.
Days a smile is no stranger to your face. 
Days your favorite songs play, and you sing along. 
Days faith is restored in humanity. 
Days sunshine and fresh air makes life seem fair.
Days you feel the gentle touch of love. 

Good days will see you through tough days, 
down days,
diseased days,
bitter days that never seem to end, 
days you have no friends, 
days that make no sense.

I pray your good days 
out-number the tough days,
and you recognize good days 
when they arrive, on butterfly wings.

# # #


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Wed 20th Nov 2019 04:59

Thanks MC! I love learning about great musicians. Pretty cool that Local Hero has been made into a musical too!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 18th Nov 2019 22:30

Carpe Diem! The song would have fitted in with the Mark Knopfler
music for the film "Local Hero".

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Mon 18th Nov 2019 20:32

I agree Tom! We often take life for granted. Embracing the moment keeps the magic alive! 💖

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Mon 18th Nov 2019 20:28

Thank you Dorothy! I adore that song too, anything by Van Morrison!

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Mon 18th Nov 2019 14:18

Absolutely; recognise the good days and enjoy every moment.


Mon 18th Nov 2019 12:57

Such a beautiful prayer n warm wishes.....thank you for this write!! 💖 lovely song to complement your lovely poem.

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Mon 18th Nov 2019 11:29

Thanks Kate❣️ I appreciate you reading and taking time to leave feedback. 🙏

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Kate G

Mon 18th Nov 2019 08:39

What a delightful mantra Vautauw. Everything you write speaks to me.

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