Planet Of The Vapes

i had to step off the beaten path
for pavements less travelled
energy can in my hand
revitalised i felt like a man
a man..clutching an energy can in his hand..

stopped dead in my tracks i was
tenderly floored
self-intoxicated aromas punch-drunk themselves a blizzard 
not a little bewildering 
brimming olfactory slam-dunk explosions 
from wither they emanated i did not know
but i had to know
my freewill had no choice
now there’s a subject for a rush lyric……

welly-drenching bouquets flower-burst
bamboozy sky honeycombs descended
my resolve snaggle-toothed-dapper
my mind so shot 
emanations overwhelmed 
canopied trees and dewy grass 
ad-mixed with nightclub palm trees 
in the city such a gonzo rainforest fell
and yes before you ask
mermaids dropping sillage petal bombs
from their crystal motherships no match for this
this fragrantic mystery 
the steel and glass mazes peeled 
a peeling off spring-vivified atlantean city..

the scents reminded me of an indian bizarre
coriander mint pepper and garlands and bay leaves
minus the cow dung
and over-generous lashings of silken diesel spillage
curlicues weaved me hypnotised 
around the laptop mavens stalagmites
lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard
that inimitable lemonese aniseed cucumbery mustard..

i circled pavements transfusing vertigo
squirting their arteries upper-cut piss infusions
about to give up hope
and there and then i stumbled upon  
some men and some women
it was them beings all binary
standing outside a fire exit
an unclasped necklace cocoon 
of marble glimmering-swirl eyes
lethargic yet proud
defeated yet paradoxically unbowed
my thoughts were swimming such blistering nonsensicals..

meekly i stepped closer to the gaggle
a benign throng of thousand mile star gazers 
              bevelled neatly betwixt wheelie bins
they each held steaming contraptions electronic
bottle green moss smoke weaved around haloing hair
as blue as ghosts
they breathed in flickering neon light tubes
they blew iridescent pastel clouds 
steam-scents bellowed parisian eau de dragons
snorkel smoke-signal buddhas 
prophets from an incense powered spaceship..
yes and yes again
this is what i needed to witness
lift me up..lift me up..
wage slave dreamer talking to buttercups
and more importantly they back to me..

after some minutes the beings wandered back inside
and unnoticed by the bowed electronic cowl androids
the office building lifted off into space
and i felt so blessed as I wandered away…


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suki spangles

Tue 23rd Jan 2018 08:38

Hi all,

Cheers so much for all your feedback. Yes David, Passage to Bangkok - how apt! I don't smoke (now) either. The inspiration - the pot pourri of scents that emanate from these cosmic electronic bongs are often quite pleasant. I only exaggerated the whole experience ever so slightly..Had great fun writing this too. Wrong I know. The shame..


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Stu Buck

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 07:50

how completely wonderous

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Sun 21st Jan 2018 22:09

A journey into the unfathomable that surpasses the humdrum existence on its way out of town. Nothing can equal your wonderful imagination and its twists and turns Suki - you should have your poems painted and set to music. Or better still, rolls of wallpaper with flashing lights.

A big fan. Ray.

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Jan 2018 16:56

this is a beautiful use of words and great imagery in this poem Suki. definitely psychedelic and worthy of pink Floyd in the early years
nice one


Sat 20th Jan 2018 09:47

Well Suki, I’m Spangled, one hell of a can of imagination, thanks.

All the best des

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 20th Jan 2018 08:09

Hi SS,

I had heard that some energy drinks can cause hallucinations, blimey I must drink more of them.

Neil Peart might consider some lyrics upon reading this, maybe a sequel to "A passage to Bangkok"

It feels like a trip through both Blade Runners via Ghost in a shell, I particularly like "mermaids dropping sillage petal bombs"

It's utterly bonkers and intoxicating.

A great way to start my Saturday, mind already split apart by images.


PS, Vapers are pathetic with their nicotine free poncery, bring back tabac (that from a non-smoker)

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