I Am The Worms

i am the worms on the fishing hook
feel the cool breeze as i reel you in
i have done this so many times before
take the fork in the ancient road
the sweet kiss for my face
such a sense of belonging
cements the flowers..

there is your newest enemy
the debt slave persuaders
will kindly loan you loaded guns
the presstitutes will provide maimed heroes
wrapped with a pretty little bow
never wonder ~ just dance
the dark arts ~ as above so belowour stenographers your news providers
pour yourself in and dream life in my shadow
know your place is here
here's a fortune cookie
i wrote it with spoilers
and what does it say
what does it say..oh and I am the worms
i am the worms..

you are the fish in my goldfish bowl
here's some paint thinner should you have a glimmer
no sniff it try not to peer against the glass
the bubbles you blow might hit you..

with effortless precision
we slide you within cocooned division-truth frames
you may take a pre-determined side
this pond is the world
and it's all there is
it's a song
it's a sentiment
it's a coloured wristband
it's a selfie saluting a flag
move along..

and if you happen to discover
the revelation of the method
i still win
you an unwitting initiate
you comprehend the meaning of the symbols
and the signs and sigils
yet bark our whistle
it feels too easy sometimes
you see you are the fish
but i am the worms
i am the worms
and i am all there is..

few like to be heretics
you cannot bungee jump rabbit holes
only the most damned warriors
take the one way dive to nowhere
and i disappear some of them
the holders of forbidden secrets
and few care
you are the fish
but i am the worms
and i am the wormer of men..

prep yourself for the next false flag
a new operation northwoods
as a redux operation ajax perhaps
watch this space
it is our nothing new under the sun man-up
don't rise to discover your higher mind
isn't the endless hum of fear more thrilling
you are the fish my friends     
     but i am the worms
          i am the worms..

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suki spangles

Sun 24th Jun 2018 05:07


Many thanks. Cheers!


Big Sal

Tue 12th Jun 2018 23:41

Excellence at its finest.?

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Martin Elder

Fri 18th May 2018 08:52

Very good Suki excellent as ever in your presentation of the world we live in. There are some great lines here
Nice one

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suki spangles

Wed 9th May 2018 12:01

Cheers all!

I haven't read Auto de Fe. Another book to go on my "to read" list. Thanks for your time and feedback.Time will tell if the Iran situation will devolve. I hope not.


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Tue 8th May 2018 20:55

Hi Suki. Another flexing of the imagination and a helter skelter of words. This bears a resemblance to a book i'm currently reading called Auto de Fe by Elias Canetti. It's a portrayal of descent into madness, and worth the read. The Wormer of Men is just so strong in a horribly softness.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 7th May 2018 20:57

compelling, challenging and entertaining as ever - can't believe I've never come across 'presstitutes' before. What a great line. All the best Suki. Col.

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