Arachnid Death Star Vs IKEA/ I Am Starfucker Star Child

A guided gloaming giant tarantula
Umbilically detached 
Sans the smart med pilot
Outreach mode ~ kinetic
Sweeps low over the cattle throng
Protesting occupation
Collective punishment
..moan moan and moan..

One difficult child tap-tapped
At eleven o' clock 
A thrill-seeking laser-threaded precision shot
The stencilled oriflamme crowd gathers
Scrambling and scrambled numb
As the pulsing pulsating arachnid disengages
executes a perfect descent and turn
behind a hill
and a city wall
Vanishes ~
A recharge a debrief
Another overtime shift completed
The work/life balance for protesters not so easy ~
Crashing pyramids of quality time..

The child ~
Now snapped in half 
Human MDF
Unlike IKEA
IDF ~ no returns..

Commercial break
A word from the sponsors ~
A back-with-the-weather spoiler alert ~
It might rain nuisance rain
Real nuisance rain
Oh it's important

So stick around she says..

I have a low attention threshold
So before I forget
That child's TV dinner-broadcast death
Was brought to you by..
A pizzeria
A weaving spider
a sentinel vehicle..


A shopping channel 
A garden gnome special
using authentic plastic injection moulds
Online-ordered TV garden gnomes ~
You get what you pay for no
I believe in keeping it real


A chat show host 
The fabulist Minerva
Way-shower offering gifts ~
Spiritual key-learnings
And occasionally free cars
Keys tacked below seats
The hostess muses
Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..

She nods her head sagely
Tenderly agreeing with herself
Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..


She continues purring..
It is The Plan..
.the biggest picture..
.something we must understand..
.yes understandunderstand..und r t  nd...nd rs  n ..d..

Seemingly cruel things happen u..el
Things matter yes they do yes..but..
All is made to make us..stronger..
Nothing random..truly is..after all..

Grand design..
Infinite purpose
Tough love tough..
Everything happens for a reason
.happens. for. a.

[dramatic pause]


Close ups/pan shots of milfs enlightened
Now in touch with themselves
Heads and hearts 
healed and reconnected
Their sentient Elvis selves
cosmic booty-call mentored
by the defenestrating yoga axe-wielder
Glassy eyed third eye
but let's not be cruel
Could be the fluoride..

Getting into her stride
The words she utters ~
as she bring herself to tears
She points to us
You know who you are now don't you ~
Unique cosmic fractals special
You. Us. All.
every. one. of. you.
Never. Forget. That.
It. Is. Your. Birth right. Right..
You are all ~ unique cosmic fractals special..

To be fair and thinking of it
I feel my beautificness
If that word isn't
well then it should be
I bathe in my uxorious I am presence
I know that innately I am..
Iiiiiii ahhmmmm..
Unique sentient cosmic and special..
I coarse through my being now
Every one is me
She's so right 
So on the money
So on the money
Almost uncanny..
Well I'm converted..

Now ~ 
That child shot in the head
Mustn't have cut the mustard
Perhaps its unique fractals a little outré
Bent out of shape
The faulty tragic toddler caved in
Called in ~ you're done kid..
Beyond repair
Now at one with everyone and thing
Apart from parents and friends and toy..

Well you don't get something for nothing
Not in this life not in the next ~
Cosmic tough love belts and braces..

And yes
I'll be the first to admit
It was sad
And yet ~ 
Don't get me wrong but..
Being shot dead by a drone
Has a certain something ~
A bleeding-edge novelty value
for the more discerning infotainment viewing consumer..

I shouldn't say that should I..
I ~ me myself and I..

But I have to ask
Despite myself ~ my new self in italics
my new self in italics
      my new self in italics
            my new self in italics

Should it have been broadcast ~
I mean the drone-on-child killy thing

Especially - my italics - especially before The Watershed
Won't someone please think of the children
Or me..

Another example as illustration
Swearing on TV ~

Don't broadcasters have the few seconds delay button now
Even the International Space Station
which broadcast live anciently
now enjoys a hefty twenty-minute delay
in case something inappropriate 
is caught on space ~
I dunno..

And that child shot in the head
Inappropriate for this time of day ~
That country an ally..

Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens for a reason..

It's sinking in
It's sinking in..
Yeah I'm really feeling this shit right now
Oh yeah..

The audience comforted applaud again
Shimmering fractal snowflakes all
Such kindness so rare
And yes yes it is all is so beautiful here
 Even with the unforgiving nuisance rain
I feel so connected with everything
Sad spoils my day..
And not in a good way..

The chat show Christess 
Is brought to you by..
Eye drops 
And I never used to be able to lick my eyes
                                                             like a lizard..

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Profile image

suki spangles

Thu 26th Apr 2018 04:48

Cheers Stu,

Always appreciate your feedback. Many thanks!

Hope you are well.


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Stu Buck

Tue 24th Apr 2018 11:25

i agree with colin, a lot of your work reminds me of flicking through late night tv after taking some form of stimulant.

its all there, but its fractured.

great stuff as usual.

Profile image

suki spangles

Sun 22nd Apr 2018 22:42

Hi Sal,

Yes, this one is a bit of an epic. Took me over a week to get right. Cannot tell you how many times I wrote and rewrote this from complete scratch; not just the usual editing re-drafting, and so on.

In the end my synapses frazzled, but this is one of the few poems I am happy with.

Thank you so much for your feedback and taking the time to read this. It really is appreciated!


Big Sal

Tue 17th Apr 2018 15:59

Took a bit to read thoroughly, but was worth it.

Profile image

suki spangles

Tue 10th Apr 2018 02:46

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your feedback and comments, and taking the time to read this. It's humbling and very much appreciated.

Yes Col, I did have a lie down. My synapses fried with formatting and uploading this - it took a few attempts. Got there in the end!


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 9th Apr 2018 09:59

Extraordinary and worth a special prize for the title alone!

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Martin Elder

Mon 9th Apr 2018 09:49

I love it when you really let rip with your creativity. Wow fabulous poem Suki. It has a real felling of trying top make sense of the world at times.
Nice one


Mon 9th Apr 2018 02:20

You continually blow me away with your writing, Suki. Good heavens, it is like a fully cognizant mind communicating our broadcast world in real-time. You are a rarity, my friend.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 8th Apr 2018 20:45

ah, you be excelling yourself again Mr Spangles. I am reminded of channel hopping evenings in rundown American motels lying on the bed with a beer and a bag of M&M's and trying to make sense of the nonsense and feeling like nothing exists outside of that motel bedroom door while I am lost in that otherworld wondering will I ever get to the end of the channel list. I never did. I hope you had a lie down after writing this. Col.

<Deleted User> (18118)

Sun 8th Apr 2018 18:03

The media, it's all there in this poem, the priorities, the tragedies, the adverts.
All the misery presented to the viewers like a soap opera and the soap opera presented like reality.
Tremendous work Suki.


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