Two Minutes To Midnight

so it's two minutes to midnight
two minutes to the final ding-dong
get your papers in order
make sure you fill in your leave form..

so it's two minutes to midnight
now is a fabulous time to start smoking again
will the world dive to into a fantasy fuck-fest
or will many people gas themselves in garden sheds..

so it's two minutes to midnight
which album will you put on
whose lips will kiss yours into the everlasting
and if you are on your own
don't worry
we all are..

so it's two minutes to midnight
before the snowy-peaked mountains fall
and the beautiful birds all 
stop singing
because they will sense and know..

so it's two minutes to midnight
the final fear-porn storm
theist polytheist animist or atheist
how will aliens report on this 
i'd love to know..

so it's two minutes to midnight
what a wonderful mess we have made
will god follow our instruction
to save the queen
as we are stroked by the drowning waves..

fear-porn poetrytwo minutes to midnight

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Big Sal

Thu 1st Nov 2018 02:19

The repetition adds to the power of the piece. And I suspect the birds will outlive us all.👍

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suki spangles

Sun 4th Feb 2018 11:59

Hi Hannah,

Many thanks for your feedback. As always, really appreciated.


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Hannah Collins

Thu 1st Feb 2018 19:17

Powerful poem, makes us think.


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suki spangles

Mon 29th Jan 2018 05:52

Cheers Col and David,

I suspect if/when the Big Thing happens it will be quite quick. Sitting on top of a hill eating crisps and Pepsi is a good a way as any!

Have a great week!


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 27th Jan 2018 11:49


I love it but am pretty much lost for words really.

Thinking about that scenario leaves me unable to express how I feel. It makes me think that should that event ever occur I'd retreat to my favorite chair and simply wait in silence, or maybe strangle someone I despised, but what would be the point? 😁


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sat 27th Jan 2018 09:32

I will take a deckchair
up on top of the hill
with a good supply of
Pringles and Pepsi
from there I will watch
the final show...

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suki spangles

Sat 27th Jan 2018 08:22

Hi there Stu and Ray,

Really appreciate your feedback. This was one I wrote quite quickly, after reading an item about the so-called Doomsday Clock tick-tocking ever closer to MAD.
Here's one typical article in that vein:

Thanks for spotting the typo, Stu - now corrected. I haven't listened to Spiderland in a long time; this will be corrected too.

Have a fab nuke-free weekend!


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Stu Buck

Sat 27th Jan 2018 05:50

great stuff suki. personally if i had to i'd stick on spiderland by slint but its a tough choice. missing an i in line five by the way. its 6am and i feel like being a pedant!

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Fri 26th Jan 2018 21:10

This is like waiting for the fireworks on New year's eve Suki, and revving up to think next year will bring all our dreams true; but in your case presumably the end is nigh wherein the dilemma lies. I love the last few lines, like Tom Lehrer lyrics. To me it means every second should be precious , but of course like all senses of time gets taken for granted. Apparently near death experiences sharpen the spirit.

Great stuff


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