Bollywood National Anthem/Bollywood Bleach Cologne

We have determined
To let you all be upstanding for the Bollywood National Anthem
So sing
For Bollywood hymns
Show your gratitude common woman common man
The silver screen thespians advertising Bollywood Skin Bleach Cologne
Are expecting
Your expectorated respectfulness vacuum packed
Protean Thought Clones..

Please be moved to be upstanding for the Bollywood National Anthem
Show your gratitude
To Mother India
Via the muscle men-women
And the muscle men-men
The pirouetting peacocks and hens
Smashing each others' heads in
A Glock for an Oedipus Complex..

A man drips Yeti musk
Baby oil splashes his bullet-proof yoga mat
A limousine explodes slo-mo 
A panoramic sweep of vast splinter-dappled urban desert
Fancy that
And the opening credits haven't rolled yet
Money well spent
The Tie Dye distortion mirrors
Dip themselves in boiling silk worm vats
The Bollywood National Anthem
It's all of this and more of that..

Please be upstanding for the Bollywood National Anthem
Split-screen and a strobing moon
Pastel-lit palaces and temples 
And trees in expensive shoes
Blue Kachina can't arrive too soon
The Bollywood National Anthem..

Please be lip-syncing for
Dry-fucking manga-like babes
Weeping sorrowful saccharine soliloquies before
Yet again dutifully 
Or marrying
Underneath a marvelling slanting rainbow monsoon rain
And then 
Until next time

An irrepressible intermission
For some advertising nuke fission grand designs
On the G-spot glans of your Black Friday mind..

Bollywood Skin Bleach Cologne
Available in all good skin bleach stores
With special Holi discount
From yesterday and.. 

the day after tomorrow
Available since the triumvirate of Euro empires
Now in decaff
Under slow waved incense sticks of splashing neon DayGlo

Frequencies amplified with 90s balmy Santa Cruz beach jazz
And the finest Goan smoke
With saffron..

The Bollywood National Anthem

So sing
The Bollywood National Anthem
Before the curtains rise
Fall deep inside scale-covered eyes
The Wizards of Mumbai
Don't be too cool to be fly through 
Your third eye closed 
                      wide shut wide
Caged inside the lithesome human zoo
It feels deep with fries..

Bollywood National Anthem
Ham actors tweet ego spam
Impossible saline dream transfusions spit curdle and jam
Materialistic helter skelter vectors 
The intertwined loved-up
A melting metallic installation sculpture
Crushed in fluorescent popcorn and spiced vaping dust
The drizzling fables scorch earth
Soaked in bog-standard zeitgeist syrup..

Feel lifted by 
The Bollywood National Anthem
The Bollywood Skin Bleach Cologne
Scheming shaman
Discharging the sonic sorcery
The New Gnosis
Mind Dentists frack the plausibly deniable psychosis
Manchurians nominate you in extremis
Levitation manglers
Bleach skin cologne saviours
Tyro-patriots' eau de colonial
Goddess of God Save The
The Bollywood National Anthem
Stand up 
Fall through your knees for the movie-hex marathon..

And even before you watch an honest porn film
Stand up and sing
Before your digits finger your thing
Or your preferred wrist skims
Stand up and sing
The Bollywood National Anthem
The beer the perfume the endangered elephant
The Kundalini serpent recoil
The gifted tarot reader the inevitable car accident..

Sooth your brow
Price tag the sacred cow
What are you here for now
Bristle with the shifting tectonics
The shrill literalist Archons' Yuga striptease harmonics
The paradigm of the empty vessel sociolect
The demagogues of the We consensus
Let us sing We 
Soul grind the mortar and pestle
And then and only then shall your gods and goddesses mud wrestle
Bollywood National Anthem
Bollywood Bleach Cologne..

You must be like a lighthouse laser-guiding contrarians deploring
The Bollywood National Anthem
It's a dose of nationalistic cultural capital for the sloganising time-poor
It has a nice score
So don't be boring..

Please be upstanding for 
You guessed it..

Look that person isn't arising
Arrest the bastard
People died so you might consume
the shape shift collage multiplexing
Okay so no one died
But that really isn't the point
Bollywood films are shown all over the world
Show some respect
From Mumbai to Neasden
To Mumbai again
Perhaps a few in Toronto and Lisbon
Not forgetting a couple of stalwart film students in Sweden
Bollywood National Anthem muscles flexing
You are this..

And the cynics
One new threat to this 
We must protect us from ourselves..
Oh we can wish..

Or a terrorist from Washington Saudi Arabia
A militant from the mountains
A nuclear bomb
And a mind bomb
So what is so wrong
Bang your head against the gong your head against the bangs
Bollywood National Anthem
Bollywood Bleach Cologne
Bollywood Mind Bomb..

So if you don't want to stand up and sing
You might lose your right to not think
As pigment-light fantastic mime artists
String holes through pearls hanging off the claws of vultures
Radiating lurid crayoned-in colours
Filling oil tankers spoonfuls of gurgled mist lyrics
All day long
Get pissed

Please be upstanding for
The Bollywood National Anthem
And yes you can quote us on this
The nay-sayers have never been so ignorable
Everyone get patriotic
Get pissed if you must 
  but never blink 
You won't remember anything
You won't remember anything
  All day long
Bollywood National Anthem
Bollywood Bleach Cologne..

It's a wrap
We have gift
ed you the anthem app free on your mobile phone..

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suki spangles

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 04:40


I hope you asked Elvis for an autograph!

Thanks for your feedback and observations, really appreciated.

Many happy returns to you.


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Wed 21st Dec 2016 16:09

Bloody hell this is going some Suki. A fantasy spectrum ride through the technicolour bullshit. So much here to pick up on. For cleverness I have to mention eau de colonial and many others too numerous to count. A telling account of a commercial hayride. An uneasy blend of west and east. Goodness gracious me old fruity. That reminds me that I saw an Indian Elvis at a Diwali festival once!


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