The Pylon And The Scarf

A silk scarf of crimson elevates
Like a sky-bound alien manta ray
The deep glowing slate heavens shimmer
Casting the pylon a mysterious aura of golden silver
And reflects a light so fierce
A totem of shining mirror..

The darkest cream grey sky
Whisked and liquefied
All passive-aggressive
Blasts down still-life breaths
Pummelling the mustard grass
Like bleached wig hair
sucked into a cyclonic vacuum cleaner's vortex

Brooding tides of air currents
caress and lift this abandoned scarf playfully (lovingly) higher
As it arcs the beaming pylon
In spirals it drifts..

This pylon
Like a dancer frozen
A bashful pageant Christ
His six energy-god arms seem to outstretch
Perhaps to catch her..

The orphaned scarf
Here in the so silent day after a night
Abandons itself in turn to the pagan power line
And rests..

And falls
Like a spaceman..

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suki spangles

Thu 7th Dec 2017 05:31

Hi Ray and David,

Cheers so much for your feedback.

David, you aren't far off at all. I was by a field and a vivid scarlet chiffon scarf was floating around a pylon ~ an other worldly slow-step tango. The sky was an almost luminous charcoal, casting an eerie light on the straw field. I just let my imagination run with those images..

This is an old poem that I re-edited as a little bit of an exercise.


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Tue 5th Dec 2017 22:23

I'm sorry Suki but I'm leaning on David's excellent impression to do justice - bit jaded at the moment, but I will say this is an enlightening experience (no pun indended)with all the hallmarks of your fervent imagination.

Beautiful imagery out of such a simple item!


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 5th Dec 2017 14:57

Hi SS,

On first reading this some of the imagery reminded me of "Le Ballon Rouge" possibly that was simply the colors and the starkness of the backdrop.

On re-reading it is quite different to that, the first verse had me imagining you witnessing the scene from your train carriage on a daily commute. The second verse could get you a job in marketing for "Dyson"

The pylons seem like instruments of cruxifixction to me, stretching out their arms, it's a great image and I am fond of religious referencing (tediously so, probably) I see you have them as more Christ-like figures which also works really well, "energy-god arms" is a great idea.

It is interesting to me that neither the scarf or the pylons are the focus of the poem, rather it is their contrasts together which makes the scene so compelling.

Reading this is a little bit like being hypnotised.

Great stuff SS.


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