Anxiety of feelings

(We all think this when we meet someone)

Can you love me?

 Can you give me what I desire most? 


(Honesty who doesn’t feel this way)


When I am around you I can’t help but smile. 

I look at you an I am filled with feelings. 

I feel joy,happiness,nervousness. 

When I think about how I feel 

I’m completely comfortable around you. 

it’s Love I feel. 

how do you feel about me? 

I know I am coming off too strong 

it’s all too fast. 

You would probably be scared 

if you knew how I felt. 

I don’t want to cause you to feel concerned. 

I don’t think I need to hide anything from you 

I don’t want to. 

I want this to grow, however I need to know if it’s what you want as well. 

We can feel something for someone else yet they don’t feel the same. 

That would hurt 

however I will be free me to keep my heart open for someone who will feel for me like I feel for you 

It’s better this way. 

I respect honesty I won’t feel any less for you even if you were to tell me you felt differently. 


Its not lust I feel for you even if I do desire you entirely 


I am satisfied with holding you tightly Sharing a kiss goodnight a delightful day dream plays in my mind 

This tender though comforts me as I close my eyes and fall asleep 


So my imagination can make it come true even if only in my dreams.


My perfect match is always with me the image in my head comes to life when I close my eyes. 


This entity which is a part of me will keep the spark alive until that special someone arrives.

◄ Fate

Song of the soul ►


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