Song of the soul

The song sung by the soul is heard by the heart. 

The body responds to what is felt in the only way it knows.

The melodies our souls sings is constantly sung throughout our lives. 

Only the hearts that are attuned to the sound of your soul will ever hear its song. 

The heart will unlock itself there is nothing we can do.

You can't deny your heart the very thing it craves.

I have heard and I am sure you have as well.

That someone has stolen the heart of another.

This is untrue for the fact is the heart of another can't be captured by anyone or anything we can be tricked and fooled however 

its by our own will we offer ourselves.

The heart is held by no one simply a vessel for your soul.

Such is your body a housing of your mind. 

It can also become a prison.

when you ignore the needs of either.

Neglect the primal desires expressed by the song you sing.

Morning and night the entirety of  your life. 

Maybe you are scared of the pain that can be inflicted to your spirit.

when you allow another to possess your heart.

Let me say without a doubt the happiness is worth the risk.

In my eyes the joy that is shared when two souls sing as one.

Is worth a life time of pain.

When their time to sing is done. 

You will have memories of the love once shared they will stay with you to the end of time. 

Can you hear the song I sing ? 

Do you have the strength to stand at my side. 

Do not fear if the song you sing unlocks my heart.

I will lend to you all the I  have 

Even when we no long sing as one 

If you need someone to listen you need only whisper.

I will hear your words anywhere I happen to be. 

Know that your feelings will be known to me.

With that said I hope you smile everyday.

my love for you will be forever and always

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