The purpose of life is to live. Primal emotions are like drugs. They alter our minds the way we feel how we think. While we are on a love high we become blinded by the dealer. We want more we don’t care about the price. We don’t think is this real we only care about satisfying the hunger we have for more. When we start to sip on Hate we begin to feel warm as if that flame within us is being fed one flawed memory at a time we feel as if drunk before you realize it even good memories become tainted. Nothing is the same as it was before that first sip. We say things that Other wise would never leave our lips . The pain we feel drives our spirit to project how we feel on others cause we can’t vocalize how we ache while consumed by hate. All other feelings come from the previous primal emotions. Love holds  courage compassion faith. Hate holds power over fear anger jealousy. When you mix everything together it becomes Life.

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