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Pretty Things in life

Those pretty things that we can see with our eyes. The pretty things we want for ourselves. We feel the need to keep them to ourselves. Those pretty things we try to collect and lock away. We don’t like to share things we desire. overtime we make up things in our head about those pretty things. Mistaken for the emotion we think of called love. Sometimes that lie unveils itself upon acquisition of that which draws our attention. At that point we tell ourselves it was just lust. We feel less than virtuous as we think of actions taken before discovering what we believe is the truth. Regret is felt because we thought what was love was something less. The mind processes everything that happens along with that which happens unconsciously. Let go of what we call morality, this will free your mind and thoughts that keep you bond from living free.

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Tue 28th Nov 2023 23:54

It brings me joy to hear my writing helps others. I will continue to write when I have something to express.

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keith jeffries

Sat 4th Nov 2023 23:10

When I read your poetry and prose I am able to relate well to what you are saying. We share a lot in common. We think deeply and honestly. Please keep writing as it helps to to assess my own situations, if that makes any sense.

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