Edge of sanity

The sounds come and go from far away a voice rose it grew louder or closer I am unaware i just knew it was there around me unknown weather above or below in front of me or behind left then my right the voice was unclear just mumbling on and on in my ear. I scratched ear and shook my head nothing worked so I thought to myself might this all be in my head. How can I think I heard a voice another yet it’s really only me thinking the thought this is what troubles me. Am I dreaming everything and nothing is real. Deeper still have I imagined I have a past could I be someone else dream my reality is the work of still another’s imagination but how at this moment I am creating memories thoughts are running through my head even now. If I wake up right now what happens to me will I remember anything will it even be me. I wish to stay asleep as long as can. If I’m not the one sleeping who could it be.

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