Little voices

Little voices hush please quiet down.
Stop filling my head with thoughts of fears that I dread. 

Why can't you listen to anything I have said? 
I have told you time and time again you have no place in my head. 

The time was long ago when you could hang every worry over my head as I try to sleep. 
Gone is that place you reserved for doubt in my head.

I lived through those dark days and at last. 

I can say louder then you, I do not fear what others think or do. 

Hush please keep it down I said! "Little voices"
Allow me time to gather my thoughts. 

I heard what you said! 
Change my mind? You have tried your best. 

Why not instead lose the negativity you whisper to me. 
Try to encourage me instead. 

Are Words of jealous are all you know? 
Where is your twin, the one who would be the silver lining to your dark clouds. 
It would be nice to hear words of affirmation echoing in my head. 
The opposite of you would look on the brighter side of life, instead of being focused on death. 

I would love to have him instead of you. 
Do not get me wrong we are on the same team. 

When I feel like being mean my other half is evil indeed yes it is true. 

We all have another side we hide from the world cause they focus on the negative. 
No matter how much good you might do. 

Could it be the voices I hear in my head is actually not part of me? 

I am simply reading the minds of people around me. 
I have confused their thoughts as my own? 
Speaking them out loud in my own voice like as if I was reading text in a book.  

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Fri 18th Jun 2021 00:49

Thank you Nisha. I am glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate the compliment.

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Nisha Nair

Thu 17th Jun 2021 14:48

The struggle is real everywhere! I particularly liked the line- ‘where is your twin, the one who would be silver lining to your dark clouds.’
Take care

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New Shoes

Mon 11th Jan 2021 06:15

I recall this same struggle. It is a interesting one. There is a book called the Four Agreements. In it is mentioned a tribe who has identified this process, and they equate it to killing a parasite that is trying to control the mind. It refers to the active conscious mind of said person to be a warrior in this fight. It is the fight of breaking the dream of your first attention(how one was raised) to then create the dream of your second attention by use of the conscious mind.

May the force be with you


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