For the one I choose to have at my side. 
I have always been this soild Figure as if carved from stone.
Unchanging no matter the emotion felt inside.
That has always been the surface people have known me to be.
Underneath that tough exterior hidden to mostly all was the passionate and caregiving soul only a select few ever known. 
Many years had passed while life has been lived.
Changes took place within me
Now the tough stone face of mine is no more.
Set free for the world to see. 
Hidden no longer is the venerable side of me.
Although I no longer hide if you choose to stay by my side look into my eyes they will not lie. 
Know I will love you just as you love me. 
Give me your trust you already have mine.
listen to the beat of my heart as you fall asleep within my arms,forgetting your fears as you sleep through the night. 
Awake in the morning light with a kiss from my lips.
This can be a nighty routine if you choose the one and only that is simply me 

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