Would you let me take control

Hear my words listen to me closely I will take things slow. 

This will go quite easy as long as you give up control.

 I believe you want this deep down you can't wait to please, I would rather it be me another might not be as gentle you see. 

When it's my voice you hear do as I say. 

I will take care as orders I give increase our pleasure with little to no pain.

 I offer you that which you desire that feeling you get when you are totally free. 

Almost weightless your body will tense.

 muscles will contract at this point however it will not be your intent you are reacting to  sensations you feel. 

You might plead at this moment to stop and slow down  Only to prolong the pleasure do I allow this or push you further.

 Our breathing is heavy as we continue to move in a rhythmic motion. 

We started slow now the tempo is building. 

I hold your wrist as I follow your pulse. I feel your heart beat faster as my chest is pressed against your chest.

 I whisper now the nest step to take. I know we will both enjoy where this will take us.

 Your body starts to tremble you are moments away can you hang in as I am about to release. 

Now let go scream if you want you can do no wrong at this point in time.

 I know you will long to be mine in no time.

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