The Surrogate Writer

The Surrogate Writer


My thoughts could never languish

as does my mortal frame

As my mind is a perpetual

cascade of ideas each which

indent themselves in my complexity

Words are in a flurry

as snowflakes dance about

Phrases interlock and call

to be heard and remembered

Intense activity inhabits

and pervades my thinking

capacity, relentless in 

a desire, a...

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What we do...

What we do...


A day bright and sunlit

breezes curling about

the pliant foliage of

natural life

A tranquility whose

exterior conceals all

For to see clearly it

is inside our minds 

and homes a reality

to find


A child plays with glee

in the shade of an

outstretched tree

The labourer with bricks

builds a wall, a house

A mother cooks and bakes


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Two in One

Two in One


I cherish solitude

the door through

which inspiration enters

Alone my mind

creates conversations

between us both

In mental confinement

I deliver lectures

and speeches

I comment on others

none of which is ever

heard or known

as it remains within

I am fascinating

hilarious and 

self opinionated

often arrogant

and surprisingly rude


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A Dormitory Town

A Dormitory Town


It registers not a thought as one passes through

an assemblage of stale architecture and dark alleys

Culture and history find no abode here

It wakes before dawn, deserted by day and dormant at night

Its inhabitants eat, drink and sleep in dreary shadows

Seasoned drinkers and smokers manipulate dominoes

with wrinkled faces and bleary eyes

Doorsteps from...

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Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter?


Nature´s mighty arm moves with unstoppable power

Winds erratic and forceful sweep all before it

This momentum of intense movement, a prelude to a cleansing rain

which thunders down as mighty bullets

to saturate an earth already quenched

A landscape soaked, no longer firm

gives way as a hillside dislodges itself

Moving mud slides inexorably forward a...

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The Nation State

The Nation State


I do not want to be part of a federation

I prefer to live in a sovereign nation

where my individualism and identity

are connected to my cultural entity


We must reserve the right to be who we are

and not imposed on or influenced from afar

We have our own language and way of life

and do not welcome invasion or strife


We live comfortably with...

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An incessant rant of noise

a cacaphony of varied sounds

Raised voices and porter´s trolleys

clunking over concrete platforms

Whistles blowing, green and red

flags waved to signal and to warn

Steam hissing from unseen

apertures and smoke billowing

from vibrating funnels

Groups of people assembled

to greet and bid farewell

Men and women in uniform


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They lowered the coffin into the earth

unceremoniously with inaudible words

My mother had reached the point of departure

the church filled with family

a few friends too

No eulogy

Tears shed only by two

Twenty minutes then the final farewell

I felt nothing, emotionless

I was as cold and hard as stone

No one lingered

We left as silently as we had arri...

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Trumpit   (Prose)

Who is this man who has ascended the steps to the portico of power? Who defied the pundits and the pollsters, who confounded the oppostion with a style not hitherto witnessed. A no frills president, brash and self contradictory who fuels and incites the anger of the establishment and media. He bypassed convention with contempt and disdain to forge an instrument of power with f...

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Not Included

Not Included


There was a family gathering in a certain place

but for the two of us there was insufficient space

No invitation was uttered or even sent

yet we did not complain and remained content


They lacked the moral courage to explain why

we have come to acknowledge excuses with a sigh

If challenged they appear aghast

as if confronted by ghosts from the past


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I have a photograph from a magazine

which countless readers must have seen

A father and son walking along

followed by a familial throng


They walk along a country lane

as it is about to rain

A group of refugees without a home

they wander in a land quite unknown


Apart from a few bags and cases

they have lost all except their senses

Truly alone...

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Stop and look

perhaps read a book

Stop and see

a busy bee

Stop and ponder

the horizon yonder

Stop and wish

and cook your favourite dish

Stop and mend

before you spend

Stop and make

a delicious cake

Stop and write

to put matters right

Stop and draw

what you saw before

Stop and think

at the kitchen sink

Stop and create

for heaven´...

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The Spirit

The Spirit


I refuse to wear or own labels

I belong to no associations, clubs or groups

I shun all religious institutions

I flee in fear from political parties

No one will claim my soul

I am unattached, I am free

Yet a spirit moves within me

directing heart and mind toward goodness



I often leave the path of the spirit to my peril

The spirit beckons me fo...

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Existence & Purpose

Existence & Purpose


So why are we here in this place

I am over awed by this experience

Creation is an abundant wealth

incorporating the reality of ourselves

the mystery of desires and dreams

For creation there must be a creator

whose genius is limitless in its 

scope to be a part of every molecule

that forms all that is visible and invisible

The ability to contro...

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Before you.....

Before you......


I was born eleven years before you

into a world which was very different

of which you can concceive so little of

With your parents you travelled

from one continent to another

educated in different cultures and languages

You developed a sophistication

a world view very different to my own

I lived in a dull grey post war Britain

in a street where a...

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Abused to abuser

Abused to abuser


Sacred feet walked this treasured earth

where now we find that love is scarce

With healing and good will he came

the fruits of which bear not his name


A gift from God, a light to reveal

on this land he did set his seal

Fountain of goodness and grace divine

has sadly not stood the test of time


Romans came and soon they went

yet there rem...

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Who can I trust

in this race of uncertainty

when all about

their own names speak

Where are the pure

and honest

without avarice

or self advancement

I search for the

undefiled those

with no agenda

The monsters of

deformity abound

garnering the labour

of innocent souls

What of the meek

and humble

pillars of integrity

whose love needs...

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From your recumbent posture

a pit of idleness

and self pity

your rouse yourself

to gain notoriety

amongst a

sympathetic gathering

of drunken fools

where you hold court

spewing forth

your repetitious lies

falsehoods to besmirch

and defame those who

came to your rescue

which was a ploy

of your deception

to use then abuse

the very best


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The Second World

The Second World


I live in the First World

or so I am told

There is also a Third World

of which I know little

But is there a Second World?

I suppose there must be

A first and a third

would surely merit a second

Where is the Second World?

is it wedged between the

first and third?

Where can I find it?

Are maps available?

What are its characteristics


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They grace the landscape

giving character to where there is none

No two are alike or conform to a pattern

their idividuality enriches their identity

A variety with no comparison or equal

nature´s adornment and majesty

They give forth fruit for man and beast

A breeze bends their stature

a wind yeilds yet seldom breaks them

Some stand erect in columns of sple...

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Stand up

Stand up


Stand up and be counted

acquiesce and a part of one is lost

Be bold and take heart

courage is a noble quality

It rests in the conscience

pure and untainted

Speak out, loud and clear

let those already sold hear

You may be in a minority

but at least you will possess integrity

Fear is destructive and infectious

valour is pure and cleansing

Stand up...

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An Allotted Time

An Allotted Time


We come and go

for better or worse

A span of time

I believe pre determined

an allotted period of life

as with all creation

nought is forever

Leaves flourish on trees

fish swim, rabbits run

cattle graze and birds sing

But only for a season

in an everlasting vortex

All is transitory

nothing has permanency

Birth, a life then death


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I have slid down the neck of a bottle

in times of utter personal despair

Abandoned, alone and misunderstood

condemned out of hand and deserted


I often lay in a stupor of self pity

with no place of refuge or person to turn to

I have been to the edge, the very edge

to the ultimate brink of capitulation


In these times I was invariably alone

save fo...

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To say one thing and do another

To smile falsely

To knowingly lie - to live a lie

To live a life of deceit

To lack the courage to tell the truth

To be afraid to stand up for what is right

To run the risk of being unpopular

To support openely what is repugnant

To go with the flow out of fear

To deceive oneself and others

To indulge in prejudice to cur...

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Where the heart is...

Where the heart is....


I cherish my home

with my belongings about me

Time spent reading, thinking

inspired moments to write

To ponder on the past as

if seeing a flickering screen

To appraise my books

portraits and photographs

Secure in a den

warm, self indulgent

safe and in tranquility

The door closes as a 

drawbridge leaving

a moat of division


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They are ours

They are ours


A disquieted soul

of tragic images

as rain falls steadily

I am saturated

with a universal pain

a burden immovable

a weight overwhelming

Scenes of suffering

broken bodies

of our people

buried alive or

pulled from wreckage

of swollen bellies

gaunt expressions

sheer hopelesness

I cannot turn aside

ignore or pretend

As I sip wine


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The Serpent

The Serpent


Evil is akin to a serpent

seldom seen nor hardly heard

It moves whichever way it pleases

often seeking a vulnerable prey

It flees in terror from the bold and strong

yet spits a venom on the unsuspecting

A sharp tongue and scaled exterior

it challenges the faint hearted

It seldom attacks the face of its prey

prefering to go where the blood does freely ...

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Dunkirk - then and now

Dunkirk - then and now


Dunkirk seventy seven years the same venue

where courageous soldiers stood in fear and waiting

A battle raged amongst strewn wreckage

bodies floating in a moving tide

Bombs rained down from enemy planes

Blighty and home well in sight

A nearby forest dank and unnoticed

groups of immigrants assembled

They too could see Blighty, their hoped for d...

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A Refugee Family

A Refugee Family


Huddled together in trembling

a darkened room as their only abode

hidden beneath the floor

of a shell marked building above

No light save a flickering candle

clasping each other as detonations

sounded like knocks on hell´s door

Rockets above, the sirens of doom

the attrition of hell s war had broken loose

a nearby thud and the building shook


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Human Nature

Human Nature


As a boy I lived close to an impressive green pasture

 in those trouble free days I could not grasp human nature

Unspoiled beauty of undulating grass in a summer´s breeze

the worse thing that could happen; the pollen made me sneeze


Long summer´s days endlessly at play

at the end of which there was little to say

Supper was served, then it was off to bed


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