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Our World

Our World


We have a planet of immeasureable immensity

Vibrant in its rich diversity

Intimately carved and intricately balanced

Flora and fauna lavishly abound

Oceans and mountains full of majesty and awe

Deserts, jungles and ice capped poles

People of different races and tongues

Vegetables, fruits and more besides

Air, wind, fire in one glorious globe

A wonder to...

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A Perspective

A Perspective


Self interest and political greed

push aside those in desperate need

Some want a new nation with its flag

while the hearts of the poor do daily sag


Political parties squabble and fight

whilst for others there is no food in sight

Endless newspapers and political magazines

disregard the Third World and its scenes


Religions differ, politicians d...

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People everywhere

feel as if they are nowhere

All about there is control

please let freedom roll

Power held by a few 

simply will not do

Fat Cats, Bankers and Dictators

are the people´s traitors

Mortgages, interest rates, they take what we earn

people work hard for the freedom they yearn

Torture, injustice and downright robbery

are the latest fo...

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Windows of the Soul

Windows of the Soul


Peer into these moons of face

Look deep and searchingly

For here you will find more

In the depths of this human store


Stay still and hold your gaze

Fix it firmly on these two caverns

Through which will be revealed

Dark secrets seldom seen


A sudden glance shows disdain

A feverish look betrays lust

A glower of anger flashes out


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From out of void and magical air

Thoughts and rhymes do occur

These moments of sublime inspiration

Come from heartfelt consolation

Yet at other times from consternation

When the soul suffers desolation

Deep within a movement stirs

Words and thoughts arrive in pairs

Passion and prose do soon compose

A poem from where no one knows

This source at time...

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The Sea Gull

The Sea Gull


With elegance and sublime serenity

she flies by with no temerity

Perfectly and beautifully formed

she is so completely unadorned


She glides by with such casual ease

and with her eyes does gently tease

Her wings outstretched and open wide

above the early morning tide


Sweeping and swooping high in space

she casts no shadow on our earthly face


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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Tea Rooms are a sacred place

Patronised by the English race

Within its venerated portals

The English are higher mortals

There is no beer swilling here

Clinking of cups with plenty of cheer

Hidden is the pot of tea by a cosy

All is well and pleasantly rosey

Hot water jugs to replenish the pot

Cream cakes, scones are the lot

Polite conversation with som...

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Thank you

Thank you


The word came through this morning

which sent a few into sorrowful mourning

A word much loved and fondly used

had finally been sadly subdued


For centuries, minute by minute, hour by hour

this word had been a polite power

It had formed part of our national tradition

not to use it was a serious omission


Today the words ¨ Thank you ¨were buried


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The Darkness of the Night

The Darkness of the Night


The darkness of the night is ushered in

a day closes and all is still

From house to house the lights go out

Darkness grows and envelops

it pervades, it encroaches

Stillness, the room of slumber a tomb

No shapes are seen nor sound heard

Like a seeping ink covers the table

Dark and dense it lives within


The darkness of the night is us...

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The Currency of Truth

The Currency of Truth


To deal in one particular currency

prevents any possibility of fraud or dishonesty

A clear and direct transaction

precludes any under handed action


Honesty is the best policy they say

to this I subscribe every day

To cheat, lie and to blatantly deceive

I am no longer able to conceive


In days gone by it was a fib a day

anything to k...

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A Profound Labyrinth

A Profound Labyrinth


A cavern dark and deep

in which there is no sleep

There are hidden places galore

into which one can soar

Very dim, with few lights

but inexhaustible megabytes

Within this amazing space

we need not hurry or race

It is the most incredible memory bank

a computer of the highest rank

Working to solve, ponder and keep

one´s personal history a...

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Indestructable, indomitable, a zealous might propelled by self power,

a vigour infinite

Charging forward, nothing stood in my way

A beating heart, pulsating in splendour

Lungs bellowing air, snorting and gaspiing for even more air

Hurtling forward, an express, a velocity unparalleled

Then a piercing strike

a jolt of searing pain, slammed into my back

and blew o...

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They only went to pray.......

They only went to pray


Forty people went to pray

to hear what God had to say

They did so in peace and innocence

then what happened made no sense


As they bowed their heads in prayer

danger of which they were unaware

A pilot did their Mosque espy

and was determined they should die


A missile struck at lightning speed

and in a matter of seconds did its deed


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A Chasm too Great

I walk a sandy road in my bare feet

with the occasional stranger I do meet

Yet you are far away, but in the same day

do you think we will ever meet one day?


You wander around a department store

going about from floor to floor

Shelves piled high with pricey attire

from this quest you never seem to tire


My wardrobe has shorts and T shirt

most of which are covered...

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Spiders weave an intricate web

of this a great deal can be said

Yet spiders are not the only ones to weave

many live with lies tucked up their sleeve

Some are liars and others live a lie

this behaviour often gives them a high

Liars seek attention and solidarity with others

they love to be surrounded by sycophantic brothers


Little of any real import have they to say


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The Bibulous Few

They gravitate each day to the same place

for this gathering there is no haste

Some nurse a hazy hangover

because very few are truly sober


The gathering has an early start

with very few comments to impart

Drinks are ordered, the waiter knows

for yesterday evening he was at the close


Cider, beer, wine and a brandy for some

a few minutes pass by and others do com...

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The Sunflower

On the road from Seville to Granada

one needs to look no farther

As far as the eye can see and behold

there is a magnificence to unfold


A sea, a meadow arrayed in yellow

flowers so bright they almost bellow

On sturdy green stalks they sway in the breeze

and do so with perfect ease


A sunflower is nature´s beauty clock

a dial of radiant time to unlock

It stand...

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A nation stands with heads bowed to remember

on a cold and wintry November

Distant guns in a city park salute and fire

as we remember the funeral pyre

War upon war as a nation, we have valiantly fought

has this great sacrifice been for nought?

Poppies are worn and bands do play

but what does all this ceremony say?

It is right that due repect be given to memories past


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What are you afraid of?

that one day you will die

that your life has been a lie

What are you afraid of?

that you may have no money

with no food for your tummy

What are you afraid of?

that your house will burn down

and you have to leave town

What are you afraid of?

that you are really gay

but dare not say

What are you afraid of?

that you are a cheat

and ste...

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Swept on a tide both high and low

often cast beneath its crushing weight

Drenched, gasping and struggling to survive

only to be overwhelmed again by another tide

Currents flowing this way and that

desperate to gain some control

Cold streams flow do bring a shiver

night´s dark shadow does linger

A moon glistens on a surface of unending spray

nothing to hold, all is taken ...

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The desert is a very lonely place

Almost filled with eternal space

Moving dunes and a searing sun

A starry sky when day is done

Not a soul does inhabit this place

It is even impossible to trace

Open and empty the winds blow free

For miles and miles the eyes can see

In this vast and alluring scene

Many a poet has trodden unseen

For in this place of divine prostration


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Spiritual Warfare

Within our being and without

Voices of good and evil shout

There is a constant confrontation

Of immense and strong determination

Pulled and pushed by evil and good

Life is often misunderstood

A battle rages for supremacy

Deep in the heart of intimacy

Lightness and darkness in conflict locked

A ship at sea so constantly rocked

Goodness we desire, goodness we seek


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Institutions do hold sway

in every conceivable way

They are the structures of society

in every aspect of their entirety


They embody and conceal

an evil that is very real

Homophobia, racism and class distinction

as thin their walls achieve perfection


These organs of Government do control

countless thousands of good souls

They distort, pervert and coerce


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Free Speech

Dare to say what you think

or to write on paper with ink

Say what you think out loud

and hide not in a cloud


Shout it out loud with no fear

let all and sundry to hear

Why remain hidden in the dark

let the world see your spark


Free speech will defy convention

and in some places end in detention

Do not go about as if cowed

with your head duly bowed



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The Sepulchre

There are those who live in the tomb

where there is very little room

Days are spent in the dark

and never do they hear the lark


In the darkness of the tomb

there is a life of perpetual gloom

Security there is often found

but for life it does confound


In the bowels of this earthly room

nothing ever comes too soon

It is a place where there is no growth

on t...

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Hell´s Quagmire

They lay in fetid mud, covered in congealed blood

All around the trappings of hell did abound

Broken bodies, pallid skin, all had died in a din

Stillness now dwelt in hell´s backyard

As distant guns thundered and continued to roar

A dark tinged sky of cloud and cordite

Drizzled its misery upon the mutilated dead

Rifles as broken kindling lay in squalid slime

Close to the br...

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Twenty two children were murdered today

or so the News had to say

They were in their classroom learning

when a rocket took its bearing


Twenty two lives were blotted out

before they could even shout

Innocent children at class they were

now lying amongst ruins everywhere


Bodies broken and brutally smashed

as a rocket entered exploded and crashed

Parents arrive...

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