A New Vision

A New Vision


A new vision for a new time, a new episode, a new year

for the future is full of uncertainty mingled with hope

We face it with a sense of expectancy

hopeful yet daunting in an immense complexity


Energy, wisdom with a strong sense of purpose

are required to embrace the unknown

We approach a mist, a maze, an entanglement

it is from within, our inner sel...

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There is no Shangri-la

There is no Shangri-la


The grass is greener on the other side or so they say

I climbed the stile to see for myself

All I found was more of the same

hardly any difference at all in colour or shade


I travelled afar to a tropical paradise

an island drenched in sunshine, palm trees and full of colour

A balmy climate, golden sands and blue skies

but it offered nothing ...

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Ir comes with no price tag and is freely given

Few are they who enter through this door

Acquaintances queue in their scores to seek entry

but many are flawed with deceit or other motives


Friends are bars of gold to be treasured

nothing will shock nor disappoint them

They listen attentively and advise wisely

what they say is for the benefit of the soul


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Out of Darkness into Enlightenment

Out of Darkness into Enlightenment


The darkness of conformity stifles mind and soul

It drains even a flicker of life as uniformity holds sway

There is no fertile growth as seeds perish in the earth

No amount of water gives light to the void


Darkness is the cloak which enwraps itself around us

Ideas lay dormant or die unless the light shines

Fear thrives in the portal...

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The Cauldron

The Cauldron


We inhabit a cauldron of confusion

in an inexplicable existence

where bewilderment reigns supreme

We are but empty vessels

tossed about on a turbulent ocean

the land in sight is barren and foreboding

The wounded cry out as sirens in their warning

but their suffering goes unheeded

yea ignored

The bells of Christendom and the call

of the minarets of...

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The Bus Station

The Bus Station


Under a roof of opaque glass

there is the roar of engines

as buses arrive and depart

Pollution with diesel fumes 

pervades the air as people 

come and go.

Many with families destined

for holidays whilst others take

short or long haul journeys

An elderly lady sits on a

suitcase twice her size looking

disconsolately at those about her

A cou...

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I possess a troubled soul along with many others

which searches for rest and ease

for a spirit of tranquility

in a world which is saturated in torment


I do not yearn for fame or wealth

or any particular sense of achievement

only to find peace and creativity

where I can be alone and free


I search for a place of contentment

liberated from a ca...

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The Gay Manta Ray

The Gay Manta Ray


The Gay Manta Ray felt out of place

especially amongst a shoal of plaice

He swam the oceans mostly alone

without the comfort of a mobile phone


He was shunned by many of the other Rays

because he lived according to different ways

Essentially he was in search of a mate

yet frequently found only a hake


Often mocked by crab and eel

this wa...

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