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Enthusiasm the engine of my soul

often flags and fails on life´s road

A sudden burst of unbridled energy

soon extinguished as if by a canon of water


Occasionally revived as a wilting flower

but never regaining its former luscious texture 

Onward, forward and undeterred

a rekindled flame of renewed vigour


Each day brings recharged light and hope


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To see is not to touch

a frustration too much

The love to reach out and feel

would make the heart reel


A burning fervent desire

from which I never tire

These thoughts forever with me

how else could they be


It occupies much of my time

in my head singing like a rhyme

I am forever on the look out

for those who may be about


A brief enco...

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Personal Fashion

Personal Fashion


I used to wear

what I thought 

was right

Now I wear 

what I personally like

I was perpetually

concerned about 

my appearance

Now I have given way

to no allegiance

I have become quite 

outrageous in fashion

I suppose it is

some kind of passion

I often copy the attire

of others

but no longer

do I bother

I have given way


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The Enigma

The Enigma


The enigma within rests

imprisoned in my soul

As a bell rings it is

ignored, accepted or



Identity is complex

as a rain forest rich

in diversity

beauty coupled with decay


I look about and within

to fathom who we are

in this kaleidoscope

bewildered, bemused yet strangely safe


Puzzled by others, often hurt


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hemmed in

suffocated from life

perpetually a prisoner

from the world about

Encircled by convention

stunted by false love

a self made cell

from which escape

is only for the birds 

of paradise

Pressed down and locked

desires pitted with shame

a weighty past as a 

stone around the neck

Where is the passage

to freedom, the wa...

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Clouds settle upon us

we are incarcerated within

A heavy atmosphere prevails

no view is in sight


Little light filters in

time becomes endless

Interest is diminished

everything falls to a new low


No longer a desire to read

enthusiasm plummets

Routines are interrupted

life stalls, even fails


Meaning is in abeyance


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The Shell

The Shell


The shell opened gradually

as I peered out earnestly and deftly

Light filtered into my tiny cavern

as I pondered what lay without


The darkness was one of security

and obscure confidence

Yet I had an appetite to see

outside and see all that I had been told


No dismay only amazement

as I took leave of my

oceanic home and its kingdom

I stood...

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight


Together we unite

but in the darkness of the night

Filled with hope

we are fooled

as dawn brightens

and day comes

What was before

is no longer now

Passion vanquished

and sated

Hope remains but

clarity has a new destiny 

a new landscape

Lust remains

but insecurity

arouses doubt

Love is desired

but fearful of

what is r...

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Eyes that spiral with delight

a heart filled with hope

confidence renewed

self esteem restored

talents recognised

social skills firmed

enthusiasm gained

optimism forefront

Lile revitalised

happimess realised

life energised

Love accepted

appreciation achieved

A new world awaits

opportunities arrive

Friends welcome

family restored


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Dark Times

Dark Times


Darkness pervades

our light is diminished

Pessimism now reigns

as hope does fade

Calamity in the ascendancy

no respect for humanity

Bullets ring out

as people fall and shout

The world is bleak

more so every week

Souls are vanquished

as evil is cherished

We glance with concern

but fail to learn

Confusion is King

new bells do ring


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