There are bouncers in McDonalds now

We are zombies, we are sheep

we have problems running deep

inside our psyche and our streets

which turn us into chunks of meat.

Dressed in Reebok, dressed in Nike

dressed up for town on a Friday night

it's easy to swallow a bitter pill

that eventually will make us ill.


But it's alright don't have a cow

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.


We are safe and free from harm

there's no need to cause alarm

'cause if you do we'll beat you down

and make you an exile in your hometown.

If you say that we cause strife

and glorify a pious life

man you must be out of your mind

we'll round up all your wretched kind.


We'll get you ready for the plough

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.


CCTV, retail parks

Reebok, DC, Monsoon, Clarks

H&M, JD, Primark

Debenhams, Baby Gap, Marks and Sparks.

Mcat, lager, ecstasy

new I-pad technology

X factor on ITV

drinks offers from Janurary.

Wetherspoons, Burger King

ringtones, hoodies, tracksuits, bling

all of it don't mean a thing

a numbing dumbing social fling.

Make the public walk the plank

right before this ship has sank

send their will to Barclays bank

nobody but themselves to thank.


But we say nothing and that is how

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.


We are zombies, we are sheep

walking round in deep deep sleep

we are a barrel full of crabs

try to get out we will drag

you down to depths of misery

and shallow mediocrity.

So open your wallet and shut your mouth

'cause otherwise we'll kick you out.


We'll make the sweat drip from your brow

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.


There's oppression and hate on every corner

don't say that i didn't warn ya

they want to keep you nice and dumb

so you will never overcome.

They want you all to kill each other

so that they don't have to bother

they guard you in a human zoo

they're red faced Nazi's through and through.


And this we just cannot allow

there are bouncers in McDonalds now.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Fri 2nd Dec 2011 11:27

Enjoyed every line of it. Beautiful poem!

<Deleted User> (6315)

Thu 1st Dec 2011 22:21

enjoyed this and are there really bouncers in Mcdonalds?.

Spirituality is there if we look deep enough but yes we are bombarded with the nanny state day after day and how easy it is to get sucked in.

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