Black Jacket Rebel, White Coated Girl

He was a black jacket rebel with a chip on his shoulder

tattoos on his chest and looks to smoulder.

Met a white coated girls in a crowded bar

and within half an hour they went to his car.

As the windows steamed up they both made a plan

they said 'Let's get as far away as we possibly can.'

Her engine revved up, his heart shifted gear

and they rode off unknown without any fear.


Europe treated our fair couple ever so well

where they both fell under each other's spell.

He robbed her a necklace from gay Paris

she nicked him some shoes when they hit Italy.

They're kisses were tender at the tower of Pisa

she made him feel like a proper geezer.

T'was Viva Espagne from dawn until dusk

she would dance to get cash, he would go out and busk.


She had quarrels with bosses and heated debates

so then they decided to run for the states.

The cracks were already starting to show

as they went from New York to Idaho.

But they got their kicks on route 66

with his concealed weapon and her bag of tricks.

They weren't saying much when they reached L.A

and had to go hungry on thanksgiving day.


So they held up some diners and decided to go

way down south to Mexico.

But now they were arguing like it was war

he loved the excitement, she found it a bore.

They were drowning their sorrows in tequila and rum

which kept them both warm in their squalid old slum.

They flew to Morocco in a very strange mood

she followed the music, he hated the food.


He asked himself 'What am i doing here

just scraping the barrel for bottles of beer?'

She asked herself 'What am i doing with him?

He may be a rebel but he's pretty damn dim.'

By the time they reached China they just didn't care

a once loving look now a vacant stare.

Some once warm arms now a cold prison cell

the scent of red roses now a rubbish dump smell.


The airport was next on a flight that was cheap

right before take off the girl fell asleep.

She woke up to find herself without a man

on a one way ticket heading straight for Japan.

He had given her a kiss and left her a sonnet

the plane took off but he wasn't on it.

And that was a story from around the world

about a black jacket rebel and a white coated girl.

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