Match Day

Strip the streets of logic

it's that time of week again.

Put the short skirts on the women

get the team shirts on the men.

Get the barrels filled with beer

and put your gumshields in.

Pack the bars and tip the cars

the match will soon begin.


Raise the horns and burst the drums

that lay within our ears.

Unite us all with ludicrous folk

and rid us of our fears.

Down a yard and run a mile

up to the pitches gates.

Find a seat and stand on it

along with all your mates.


If we win there'll be some crippling

if we lose there'll be some more.

The chance of harm is tripling

at every change of every score.

Crack the gates on to the streets

and scrap with no half measure.

To some it's weekly business

to others it's known as pleasure.


Grab a brick and clank a chain

break a leg and smash a brain.

Take the boys out to the cleaners

in a twisted pissed up ripped demeanour.

Thump the supporter and his friend

hide the weapon round the bend.

Get chucked in the riot van

howl and wail as much as you can.


Do it as long as you so please

the danger's ever growing.

The cells are prime all of the time

and that's just where you're going.

This is the game that's off the pitch

that happens now and then.

So lock up your daughters and clear the streets

it's match day once again.

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Rachel Bond

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 13:29

football violence is a beast.
i once went to the wrong pub to watch a game where only 2 of us supported our team and the rest took great pleasure in verbally and near physically abusing us for the whole match.this poem has inspired me to write about that day. i think i will it was horrendous the volume of hate and its outpouring was a spectacle.

here are some haikus i wrote last world cup. you might like em.

absent of meaning
ball, your power lies within
force of my loins.

alone i watch with
the eyes of sea engulfing
my desire to lose

victory carries the masculine, broad shouldered
across green fields turfed
studs scar artificial
the heart of its child.

rooney fat head wank
green takes dives for sex favours
draped in stars and stripes.

i think most people liked the last one :)

i took to watching my local warrington town fc there was only ever about 20 of us there it was great and all about football and its beautiful game.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 21st Feb 2012 19:51

A visceral ode to footie thuggery - when footie
means something else entirely!
I can well imagine how effective it might sound spoken with the right amount of venom.

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