Make the World Your Ashtray

So that ye may not be the martyred slaves of time,

that you may be as boundless as a young man in his prime,

that you may be at one with nature beautifully sublime.

Make the world your ashtray, and never stand in line.


There are so many mere mortals and a certain little few

are full of ego-lead authority telling you what to do

and acting on a big idea that isn't quite distinct,

but day to day we should go our way judged by our own instinct.


We all must practice in the art of going with the flow.

Is there one set way to live our lives? The answer's surely 'NO'.

So give life all you have to give and take life where you can.

Make the world your ashtray. That's my philosophy, man.


Just light a ciggie stuck in your lip and take a look around

then flick your ashy excess right upon this hallowed ground.

Don't think about the future and forget about the past.

See moments flee through eternity, one following the last.


If anyone should tell you that you can't smoke in this place

raise index and middle finger proud and stick it in their face.

Pay no mind to the petty morals that they have been taught.

Make the world your ashtray and never pause for thought.


Ignorance is bliss they say and logic is dictated.

Understaning what things don't mean is really understated.

Logic lies behind the rules that men are forced to give,

but who are they to cause dismay and tell us how to live.


Take no pleasure in these parasites and gently drift on by

and with our awesome apathy we'll light up half the sky.

Try to live as you so please and let life run it's course.

Make the world your ashtray and never feel remorse.


We've come to the end of the poem now, i wish you all good health.

And please remember that you are a spirit full of wealth.

All that really matters is we're content with ourselves.

Make the world your ashtray. Go and fuck yourselves!

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