My Anarchist Son

Oh my little anarchist son I am so proud of you

Make sure that you have fun today whatever you may do

Make sure your boots are polished now, and cover up your features

Say hello to all the neighbours and be nice to your teachers

Right before you burn your high school right down to the ground

And go on a vandalism spree 'til the riot vans come round

Then you can pelt the riot vans with eggs and sticks and rocks

So make sure that you look your best and always wear clean socks


Look at your bloody Mohawk you've left it in a state

You've put too much green hair dye in and now it won't stand up straight

There we go, so handsome oh my lovely son of mine

You look just like your father when you stand on the picket line

You make my bosoms swell with pride when you tag up the wall

I know that you'll protect me if democracy should fall

For you're the apple of my eye that always makes me smile

Your always getting into trouble and doing it with style


I remember when you were little and you came up to my knee

The way you used to giggle at the riots on t.v

And when you saw a policeman you would always start to cry

We used to put on hardcore punk and sing you a lullaby

But now you've grown so tall and strong and aren't you bloody gorgeous

Give your mum a great big kiss and a finger to the forces

They don't understand you the way I truly do

Now hurry up and pack your things, you're gonna be late for school


Don't forget to eat your sarnies and and drink your special brew

Don't forget to smash up Boots and Marks and Spencer’s too

Don't forget to put two bricks in both of your back pockets

And always keep a lighter handy to let off bottle rockets

Stay away from security cameras and look both ways when you cross

Smash up all the panda cars and don't forget to floss

Be sure to free the human race and smash society

And make sure your back by half past five just in time for tea


Oh my little anarchist son I am so proud of you

Make sure that you have fun today whatever you may do

You're gonna make your mark someday make sure you do it well

Now get out there my darling and give those bastards hell

◄ Benefit Scrounger (Working Class Hero)


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Yvonne Brunton

Fri 13th Apr 2012 20:38

Can't fault it Jack. wonderful treatment I love it.

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